Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassays

Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassays allow you to simultaneously quantify up to 500 proteins, peptides, and nucleic acid targets in a single 12.5 µl sample. Assays for over 450 biologically relevant targets are available as ready-to-use premixed multiplex panels and singleplex sets or in custom-mixed panels. Custom assays can also be developed for new targets.

Comparison of Bio-Plex Multiplexing vs. ELISA

Bio-Plex vs. ELISA

* Samples run in duplicate. 
** Calculated as 2.2 hours required per plate. 
*** Assumes 50 μl of sample used per well.

Bio-Plex Assays and Kits

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Bio-Plex Assay Kits

Simply select your targets of interest to find the assay that best meets your needs.

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96-Well Plate Template Post-It Pad

Simplifies the Bio-Plex Multiplex Assay process from start to finish.

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Custom Bio-Plex Assays

Bio-Plex Assay Builder

Design your own custom-mixed assays from our growing selection of over 450 available analytes using our interactive tool.

  • Express Assays

    Express Assays

    Pick the targets and get everything you need to mix custom assays yourself

  • x-Plex Assays

    x-Plex Assays

    Pick the targets and we mix ready-to-use custom assays for you

Assay Development Reagents

Bio-Plex COOH Beads and Coupling Kits enable you to develop unique bead-based multiplex assays for novel targets using carboxyl-coated beads ready for covalent coupling to any protein or nucleic acid.

16-Tube Magnetic Rack

16-Tube Magnetic Rack

This rack uses high-strength magnets for rapid separation of suspended magnetic beads:

  • Lightweight, easy-to-hold rack
  • One-piece removable magnet for resuspension
  • Holds 16 x 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes or 2 x 15 ml conical centrifuge tubes

Magnetic Beads

Bio-Plex Pro Magnetic Beads (Discontinued)
16-Tube Magnetic Rack

Non-Magnetic Beads

Bio-Plex Nonmagnetic Beads (Discontinued)

Bead Coupling Reagents

Bio-Plex Amine Coupling Kit 
Bio-Plex Streptavidin-PE 
Bio-Plex SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Antibody Customer Assay Developer Kit (17007632)


  • Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassay Manuals, Guides, and Protocols Library

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Bio-Plex System Applications and Uses

Watch short videos to learn how the Bio-Plex System works, how it is used in cardiovascular disease and leukemia research, biomarker identification, and cytokine expression profiling in cancer studies.

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Evaluation of cross-reactivity between Bio-Plex Pro Human Cancer Biomarker Assays to mouse proteins

Multiplex Immunodetection Webinar Series

Join Bio-Rad multiplex immunodetection experts for a webinar series that explores the many factors that go into the design and execution of successful xMAP multiplex immunoassays. Not only will we cover the technology and general how to’s, we’ll also delve into the why’s to give you a deeper understanding and get you on the right path for success. By the end of this series, you’ll be a multiplexing expert.

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Applications & Technologies

  • Multiplex Immunoassays

    Multiplex Immunoassays

    Details on the experimental design, data collection, analysis, and validation of multiplex protein assays using the Bio-Plex Suspension Array System.

  • Biomarker Analysis

    Biomarker Analysis

    Learn how biomarkers such as hormones, cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and phosphoproteins are used to investigate physiological or pharmacological mechanisms.

Related Products

  • Bio-Plex Instruments

    Bio-Plex Instruments

    Bio-Plex Readers and Tools include the Bio-Plex 200 and Bio-Plex 3D Systems, Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station, and maintenance, calibration, verification, and validation kits.

  • V3 Western Workflow

    Stain-Free Western Workflow

    Quickly check electrophoresis and blot transfer quality and obtain truly quantitative western blotting results.

  • Bio-Plex Instruments

    Bio-Plex Software

    Bio-Plex Manager and Bio-Plex Data Pro Software make it simple to run instruments using xMAP technology and analyze multiplex data.

  • Microplate Systems

    Microplate Systems

    Absorbance microplate readers, assays, software, and accessories for a wide range of applications.

  • Bio-Plex Manager Standard Lots

    Bio-Plex Manager Standard Lots

    Download Bio-Plex Standard Lot data for released standard lots for import into Bio-Plex Manager Software.