Supply Center Program

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Get 24/7 Instant Access to Supplies for Your Entire Workflow

Bio-Rad's Supply Center Program provides on-site stocking of protein standards, PCR reagents, precast gels and buffers, and a wide variety of other commonly used lab supplies. With a dedicated Bio-Rad self-service Supply Center installed in your facility, the reagents and consumables you need are always within arm's reach.

  • 24/7 access — purchase goods directly from your desktop, mobile device, or on-site Supply Center
  • Nonstock ordering — iSupply users can order both consignment and nonstock items through their selective kiosk
  • Promotional codes — use promo codes in iSupply to receive product discounts
  • Reliable supplies — iSupply will ensure that your kiosk is always stocked
  • Customized inventory — add new items and view stocked consignment products online
  • No paperwork — utilize the iSupply automated order entry and product replenishment
  • Fast troubleshooting process — available from remote technical and customer support
  • Integrated temperature monitoring — calibrated temperature sensors provide 24/7 monitoring
  • Scan card access — allows quick and secure access to consignment products

How Does it Work

The Supply Center interface simplifies ordering and provides full access to your order history and administrative reports. The ordering system can be configured to provide access to selected individuals or even groups of laboratories. From installation to invoicing, our dedicated Bio-Rad Supply Center team will always assist with any queries you may have.

Before Installation

  • Before - Step 1

    Bio-Rad checks site requirements, for example, space, safety, and Internet connection, and involves appropriate people (lab manager, local IT, or tech support).

  • Before - Step 2

    Both the host and Bio-Rad must be present for installation of the Supply Center.

  • Before - Step 3

    Bio-Rad ensures correct placement of shelves into the units.

  • Before - Step 4

    Bio-Rad receives and reconciles the initial supply against the agreed starting inventory list. Bio-Rad stocks the products into the correct locations in the Supply Center.

After Installation

  • After - Step 1

    The host will collect replenishment shipments and place them correctly in the Supply Center.

  • After - Step 2

    Hosts will be asked to report any close-to-expiration, expired, or damaged products to Bio-Rad.

  • After - Step 3

    When required, the host will reboot the touch-screen computer.

  • After - Step 4

    Bio-Rad will perform quarterly inventory checks in person.

Build Your Own Supply Center

  • Products — Choose from a broad portfolio of protein and molecular biology products
  • Location — Choose a lab, storeroom, or public area
  • Appliance — Choose a refrigerator, freezer, or ambient unit based on the products and location selected

Learn More About Building a Supply Center