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Explore a complete line of chromatography systems and accessories, prepacked and empty columns, and media including our unique mixed-mode chromatography resins. NGC Chromatography Systems were designed from the ground up to meet all your lab-scale protein purification needs in biopharma research and development.

Chromatography Systems

Medium Pressure NGC Instruments

NGC Medium-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Systems

NGC modular components allow the compact NGC Liquid Chromatography System to be upgraded to provide higher flow rates, sophisticated detection capabilities, pH monitoring, column scouting, and buffer blending options.

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  • BioLogic LP Low-Pressure Chromatography Systems

    BioLogic LP Low-Pressure Chromatography Systems

    The BioLogic LP System offers reliable performance, versatility, and ease of use. The system incorporates easy-to-use LP Data View Software, high-flow pumps, sensitive detectors, and fraction collectors.

Benefits of NGC Systems

The NGC System supports:

  • Small-scale purification efforts for

    • Downstream assays in target identification and validation
    • Lead discovery and optimization
    • Preclinical research
  • Process-scale development for

    • Clinical research
    • Manufacturing operations
    • Quality control (QC) procedures
NGC Quest Chromatography System
NGC Quest Plus System

NGC Quest Plus System

NGC Discover Chromatography System

NGC Discover System

NGC Discover Pro Chromatography System

NGC Discover Pro System

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Chromatography Columns

  • Aminex HPLC Columns

    Aminex HPLC Columns

    Industry standard analytical prepacked columns for the analysis of carbohydrates, organic acids and bases, and other small organic molecules.

  • Medium-Pressure Columns

    Medium-Pressure Columns

    Prepacked or empty columns are available for use with medium-pressure chromatography systems such as the NGC and BioLogic DuoFlow Systems.

  • Low-Pressure Columns and Cartridges

    Low-Pressure Columns

    Prepacked or empty columns are available for use with chromatography systems such as the NGC and a range of other systems.

  • Gravity and Spin Columns

    Gravity and Spin Columns

    Empty or prepacked columns are available for convenient sample preparation and other small-scale applications.

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Chromatography Resins and Kits

  • Affinity Reagents and Kits

    Affinity Reagents and Kits

    The Profinia protein purification system performs automated affinity purification with desalting. The Profinity eXact fusion-tag system includes kits and reagents for one-step affinity purification.

  • Lab Scale Chromatography Resins

    Lab Scale Chromatography Resins

    Bio-Rad offers a selection of resins for separation by ion exchange, hydroxyapatite and fluoroapatite, affinity, size exclusion (gel filtration), and hydrophobic interaction chromatography.

Chromatography System Components and Accessories

Legacy Chromatography Systems

Components, accessories, and support for our older, medium-pressure chromatography systems.