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Bio-Rad understands the importance of screening for genetic disorders in the newborn. Our VARIANTnbs System is employed in many national newborn screening programs worldwide. With the VARIANTnbs System you get the full patient picture the first time, allowing each baby to quickly receive the appropriate follow-up and care.

Our Commitment

In addition to being the choice of experts for over 25 years, Bio-Rad is committed to raising awareness about hemoglobinopathies like thalassemia and sickle cell disease. Bio-Rad believes in sharing our knowledge and has dedicated resources such as the Library of Variants, a digital database, that includes VARIANTnbs case studies, as well as the Test Your Knowledge site filled with educational videos and webinars to support your lab.

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VARIANTnbs Sickle Cell Program Brochure

There's a reason why the VARIANTnbs System is number one worldwide.

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The First Reference Library of Shared HPLC Cases

The Bio-Rad Library of Variants contains case reports of hemoglobin variants provided by a select group of reference centers within the worldwide community of laboratories actively working on detection of sickle cell disease, thalassemia, and other hemoglobinopathies.

Hemoglobinopathy Newborn Screening System

We are proud of our contribution to improving lives through the technologies and chemistries that make automated newborn screening possible.

Today's most demanding laboratories can turn to fully automated VARIANTnbs System, whether they are running a few samples or hundreds of samples a day.

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VARIANTnbs Sickle Cell Program

VARIANTnbs Sickle Cell Program is a reference HPLC method with high resolution hemoglobin variant screening (HbS, HbC, HbD, HbE), that also provides reports with presumptive pattern identification.

Unlike other newborn screening programs, the use of FADC/FAES retention time markers increases confidence in our HPLC system's ability to reveal hemoglobin variants.


VARIANTnbs Newborn Screening System

The VARIANTnbs System is the established worldwide standard in automated newborn screening for sickle cell disease. With the VARIANTnbs System you get the full patient picture the first time allowing each baby to quickly receive the appropriate care and follow-up.

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The Choice of Newborn Screening Experts

Watch the video to discover why laboratories choose Bio-Rad's VARIANTnbs System.

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Bio-Rad's world class service and support team is backed by over 30 years of expertise in newborn screening. Our hemoglobin testing systems can be connected to BRiCare, Bio-Rad's 24/7 instrument monitoring application to keep your system running smoothly.



Bio-Rad is committed to working with hospitals and laboratories to protect your systems and mitigate potential security risks to patients and operators.

Retention Time Markers

Retention Time Markers

FAES and FADC are Retention Time Markers included in the kits and used for the presumptive identification of the individual retention time windows of the most common hemoglobin variants.