A broad suite of transfection tools is available for nucleic acid delivery into a wide range of cell types. Instruments and kits are designed for a variety of applications, such as RNAi gene knockdown and primary cell analysis

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    Lipid Transfection
    Lipid transfection reagents provide optimal transfection efficiencies for nucleic acid delivery into mammalian cells. General use and RNAi-optimized transfection reagents are available.
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    Available electroporation instruments include single-cuvette eletroporators for all cell types. Universal electroporation buffer is provided to increase cell transfection efficiency.

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    Biolistic Particle Delivery Systems
    Helios® gene gun and PDS-1000/He™ systems use a helium pulse to accelerate gold or tungsten particles coated with DNA directly into target cells, including cultures, tissues, plants, and more.