Applications & Technologies


Applications & Technologies in Food Science

This section offers extensive technical information. Here you will find applications, workflows, protocols, videos, product demonstrations and a wealth of other technical information on cutting-edge pathogen detection solutions.

Method Validation and Supplier Accreditation for Food and Water Safety and Quality Products
Certification processes allow the selection of methods whose performance has been characterized and which meet international validation regulations in force.
A Complete Solution for Legionella Testing
Bio-Rad provides a complete system for the detection of Legionella in water, biofilm, and aerosol samples.
Microbial Detection Solutions for Cannabis Testing
Bio-Rad provides solutions to detect harmful bacteria in cannabis and cannabis-infused products, including screening for both Salmonella and STEC pathogens.

iQ-Check Free DNA Removal Solution for Food, Water, and Environmental Samples
Bio-Rad developed the Free DNA Removal Solution to remove free DNA from samples prior to PCR analysis reducing unconfirmed positive results.
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