Diabetes Testing

Diabetes Testing

Hemoglobin A1c and abnormal hemoglobin testing for clinical and hospital laboratories

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    D-100 System
    D-100 system and accessories provide the fastest HPLC system for HbA1c testing with hemoglobin variants detection. It combines "Gold Standard" technology with innovative design and ease of use to enhance medium to high volume laboratory workflow, delivering precise and accurate results.
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    VARIANT II TURBO Link Hemoglobin Testing System

    Integration of the Sysmex® XN9000™ hematology automation platform and the VARIANT II TURBO Link Hemoglobin Testing System enables on-demand, automated hematology and HbA1c testing in a random access setting

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    Other A1C Products
    A capillary collection system enables straightforward collection, preparation, and transport of capillary whole blood samples