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At Bio-Rad, our mission is to support life science education by providing educators the tools they need to offer thorough, current, and engaging experiences for their students. To support your efforts, we have compiled a number of resources and materials that can stand alone or enrich your lessons.

Free Webinars and Workshops

Invest in your professional development. Learn a new technique, explore a new lab activity, or discover a new application by attending one of our free webinars or workshops.

COVID-19 Teaching Resources

Your students may have questions about COVID-19, from its biology to how it spreads and how it is detected and treated. This presents a rich opportunity to teach key concepts in biology through the lens of an ongoing real-world context. The relevance of biology to students’ lives has never been so clear!

COVID-19 Teaching Resources
Access Bio-Rad’s hands-on activities, lesson plans, and free resources to help teach the biology and detection of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

To learn more about how Bio-Rad products are being used in the fight against COVID-19, please visit Bio-Rad SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 Assay and Research Solutions.

pGLO Bacterial Transformation



Editable files that you can customize as needed.


Case Studies

Student-facing extensions that are also useful for AP exam prep.

CRISPR Gene Editing Student Activity

CRISPR Gene Editing

Student Activities

CRISPR Paper Model Activity (PDF 675 KB)

Have your students use this CRISPR paper model activity at home to learn about the CRISPR-Cas9 system.

Bioinformatics Activity (PDF 6.1 MB)

Students can use this activity to design Cas9 target sites in the human genome and determine risk for off-target effect.


Other Resources


ELISA Student Activities

Student Activities

ELISA Paper Model Activity

Your students can use this paper model activity alongside the videos or animations to get a solid grasp of the components of an ELISA and how they work together in antibody/antigen detection.

Download PDF (PDF 2.6 MB) | Download PPT (PPT 65.9 MB)

View our webinar demonstrating use of this paper model


Videos & Animations

PCR & Real-Time PCR



Real-Time PCR

  • Real-time PCR Basics — Editable Powerpoint File

    Real-Time PCR Basics
    (PPT 5.7 MB)

    An editable presentation that explains how real-time PCR works and how it can be used for quantitative purposes.

  • Real-time PCR Applications Editable File

    Real-Time PCR Applications
    (PPT 4.3 MB)

    An editable presentation that explains how real-time PCR works and several of its real-life applications.

  • pGLO Bacterial Transformation for AP Biology

    Webinar: Real Talk about Real-Time PCR

    In this webinar presented in partnership with the NABT, Leigh Brown discusses the history, innovation, and applications that make qPCR a core technique in laboratories around the globe.

Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration


Editable files that you can customize as needed.


Case Studies

Student-facing extensions that are also useful for AP exam prep.

Map of oceanic dead zone

Case Study: Where Have All the Brown Shrimp Gone? (PDF 1.6 MB)

Useful for AP Biology and AP Environmental Science exam preparation, this activity challenges your students to think through the biological causes and economic and ecological impacts of algae blooms and the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico.



Additional Resources


Coloring Pages

  • Coloring Pages

    Relieve some stress and add some color to your science classroom. Download the following coloring pages.


FREE Posters for Your Classroom

Decorate your classroom and teaching labs with these colorful posters. Click "Add to Cart" and log in to order a free print.

  • Biotech Universe Poster
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    The Biotech Universe Poster highlights the use of the pGLO plasmid to teach the flow of biological information from DNA to RNA to protein to trait.

  • PCR Poster
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    The PCR Poster illustrates the technique that revolutionized the way we look at genomics, forensics, medicine, evolution, and ecology.

  • Crispr Poster
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    The CRISPR Poster features medical breakthroughs that have been enabled by CRISPR gene editing technology, as well as a timeline of this and other Nobel prizes earned by women in science.

  • Life Science Careers
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    The Life Science Careers Poster showcases the breadth and depth of career opportunities that are possible with a life science or biotechnology background.

    Click Add to Cart to order a free, printed full-size poster, or Download a customizable, 11 x 7" poster (PDF)