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ZE5 Cell Analyzer

An innovative flow cytometer for a broad range of experimental complexities and throughput needs – accessible for novice flow cytometry users yet flexible enough for the most experienced flow cytometry professionals.

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S3e Cell Sorter

S3e Cell Sorter

The first truly walk-away automated FACS flow cytometer engineered for ease of use – ideally suited for sorting cells expressing fluorescent proteins or labeled with common flow cytometry dyes.

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How does a flow cytometer work?

We take a look inside and explain the three main components.


Flow Cytometry Antibodies & Reagents

Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Experts in the field of flow cytometry, Bio-Rad has a wide range of flow cytometry-validated antibodies, viability dyes, and other reagents to complement our instrumentation. With a varied selection of excitation and emissions to choose from, Bio-Rad has the right reagents for your cell sorting and cell-based assays.


Flow Antibodies

As specialists in the flow cytometry field, our antibody portfolio includes an extensive selection of primary antibodies tested in flow cytometry.


Antibody Conjugation Kits

Antibody Conjugation Kits to conjugate fluorophores, enzymes, biotin and streptavidin to primary antibodies. Conjugate up to milligram amounts of antibody in less than an hour.


Cell Viability

Measure cell viability in toxicity assays, determine side effects of therapeutics, gathering information on cellular activity, or ensure you are studying a live population.


Cell Proliferation

Determine the effect of experimental treatment on cellular replication by measuring the increase or decrease in cellular growth and division.


Featured Product

StarBright Dyes

Build better panels using StarBright Dye conjugated antibodies. With their superior brightness and stability, they seamlessly integrate into existing flow cytometry experiments.

Featured Tool

Multicolor Panel Builder

Try our interactive panel building too, and build multicolor flow cytometry panels in just a few simple steps


Flow Cytometry IQ/OQ Services

Flow Cytometers

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) Services for the S3e Cell Sorter and ZE5 Cell Analyzer ensure that your systems function properly and aid in regulatory compliance.

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