Flow Cytometers

Flow cytometer instruments, antibodies, and reagents from Bio-Rad give you the confidence to do more. The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is a flow cytometer that lets you expand your panels to look at more markers in your precious samples and run automated large-scale screening and validation experiments. The compact S3e Cell Sorter is a flow cytometer that brings FACS to your lab and lets you isolate pure, viable cells anytime for CRISPR, NGS, and single-cell analysis applications. Pair these instruments with our ever-expanding flow cytometry antibody library to make your experiments come alive and give you confidence in your data.

Flow Cytometer Instruments

ZE5 Cell Analyzer

ZE5 Cell Analyzer

An innovative flow cytometer with flexible configurations to meet a broad range of experimental complexities and throughput needs – accessible for novice flow cytometry users yet flexible enough for the most experienced flow cytometry professionals.

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S3e Cell Sorter

S3e Cell Sorter

The first truly walk-away automated FACS flow cytometer engineered for ease of use – ideally suited for sorting cells expressing fluorescent proteins or labeled with common flow cytometry dyes.


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Flow Cytometry Antibodies and Reagents

Experts in the field of flow cytometry, Bio-Rad has a wide range of flow cytometry-validated antibodies, viability dyes, and other reagents to complement our instrumentation. With a varied selection of excitation and emissions to choose from, Bio-Rad has the right reagents for your cell sorting and cell-based assays.

Starbright Dyes

Introducing Starbright Dyes

Designed to be stable with superior brightness, narrow excitation and emission characteristics, Starbright Dyes are the latest addition to our flow cytometry antibody range.

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Flow Cytometry IQ/OQ Services

Flow Cytometry IQ/OQ Services

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) Services for the S3e Cell Sorter and ZE5 Cell Analyzer ensure that your systems function properly and aid in regulatory compliance.

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Inside Our Flow Cytometers

  • ZE5 Cell Analyzer System Tour

    Designed by users for users – Watch this video to see how customer feedback directly resulted in the creation of an instrument that addresses gaps in other flow cytometer systems.

  • S3e Cell Sorter System Tour

    Taking the necessary steps to get data you can trust is integral to research breakthroughs. So we made sure you can get pure, viable cells for your downstream genomics experiments using the S3e™ Cell Sorter, an easy-to-use, high-speed fluorescence-activated cell sorting flow cytometer that fits right on your bench.

  • A Flow Cytometer Built for Automation and High throughput Screening

    Automated high throughput screening is enabled with ZE5 Cell Analyzer integrated into any robotic automation system such as Propel Labs’ Ascent and Biosero’s Green Button Go.

  • Developing the S3e Cell Sorter

    How do you reimagine a technology that's successful, accepted, and already in relatively widespread use? If the technology in question is cell sorting, you "think outside the box" by designing to "fit inside the box.“ Watch this video to see how some of the design innovations in the S3e Cell Sorter came about, including a more accurate way of calculating drop delay not found in any other benchtop flow cytometer.