Water Quality Testing
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Environmental and Bottled Water Quality Testing


Reliably Detect Bacteria in Environmental and Bottled Water

Detection and enumeration of quality indicators and pathogenic bacteria in water is essential for assuring public health. If you are looking for efficient, high-performance, easy-to-interpret water pathogen testing solutions, explore our kits, systems, and media.

Legionella Aquadien Short DNA Extraction Protocol

Watch as we demonstrate the proper technique for filtration of water samples and DNA extraction from samples using the Legionella Aquadien Short Protocol.

Real-Time Quality Indicator Testing with the XplOrer64 System


Routine Water Monitoring and Managing Crisis Situations

Recreational bathing water, fresh surface water, and seawater quality is monitored by testing for two indicators of fecal contamination: E. coli and intestinal Enterococci.

The compact XplOrer64 System and the CheckN'Safe™ Kits for Water Quality Testing range of reagents meet the need for both routine monitoring for contamination and managing crisis situations. The system provides reliable same-day results for determining whether the quality of water is acceptable for swimming or, if a beach or other area must be closed or can be reopened after closure. The method allows users to monitor the water quality continuously and in real time, up to 64 samples at a time.

Method Validation and Supplier Accreditation


Meet Consumer Demand for Water Quality and Safety

From a microbiological point of view, the control of risk requires the establishment of acceptance or rejection criteria, involving controls using analytical methods of detection or enumeration of microorganisms. Certification processes allow the selection of methods whose performance has been characterized and which meet international validation regulations in force.

SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Wastewater Surveillance & Testing Resources

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Near Real-Time Surveillance for Potential Outbreaks

Wastewater testing can be used to detect coronavirus and other pathogens shed in the community. It provides a more complete snapshot than clinical testing and can serve as an early warning system for COVID-19 and other disease outbreaks. The shed viruses are detectable in wastewater samples days before symptoms appear, providing information about infection within a community at many levels.