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The Importance of Potency Assays for Cell and Gene Therapies During Product Development

Cell and Gene Therapies in Brief

Medical treatments have advanced to using cells and genetic materials to treat or prevent diseases. They work by modifying or replacing the patient's own cells with healthy ones, offering a potential cure for previously untreatable diseases.


Why is it Important to Measure Cell Potency?

As with all pharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy (CGT) products must meet rigorous safety guidelines. Potency assays are required to show the intended biological effect or therapeutic activity by using a combination of complimentary assays to assess the mechanism of action.

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Did You Know that ddPCR™ Technology Can be Used to Quantify Both Viral Expression and Viral Potency?

Watch the video and discover how ddPCR™ technology provides a precise and sensitive testing method to quantify key factors across the entire gene therapy workflow.