Sample Quantitation


Assess sample quantity for experimental applications with protein quantitation, DNA quantitation and reporter activity assays, and spectrophotometry instrumentation.

Category Products

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    Protein Assay Kits and Cuvettes
    Bio-Rad offers four colorimetric assays that allow measurement of proteins using modifications of the Bradford and Lowry methods. Also offered are disposable standard and semimicro plastic cuvettes.
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    The SmartSpec™ Plus spectrophotometer is a benchtop UV/visible spectrophotometer with a wide range of quantitation applications. Also offered is a line of compatible quartz and UV-transparent plastic cuvettes.

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    DNA quantitation, β-galactosidase, and β-glucuronidase assay kits and cuvettes, as well as a broad range of filters, are available for use with the VersaFluor™ fluorometer, which is now discontinued.