Liquid Handling and Pipetting

Bio-Rad carries a full range of general laboratory equipment including pipets, pipet controllers, and a wide selection of pipet tips, plus accessories and a variety of tubes, plates, cuvettes, and other liquid handling supplies.

Pipets and Pipet Tips

Single-channel and multichannel pipets are available in popular volume ranges. Choose from a wide selection of pipet tips for general lab use and specialty applications, to fit Bio-Rad pipets and most other pipet models.



Choose from a variety of styles of small plastic microfuge tubes with flip tops, solid caps, or screw caps, PCR tubes and strips, and micro test tubes in sizes ranging from 0.2 ml to 2.0 ml.


  • PCR Tubes and Caps

    PCR Tubes, Caps, and Strips

    Individual 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml PCR tubes, 0.2 ml tube strips, and cap strips with domed or optical flat tops. Manufactured to fit precisely in Bio-Rad thermal cycler reaction blocks to ensure optimal heat transfer.

  • EZ Micro and Standard Micro Test Tubes

    EZ Top and Standard Micro Test Tubes

    EZ Micro test tubes feature an easy-opening flip top; standard micro tubes have a separate cap for a tight seal. Available in 2 ml, 1.5 ml, and 500 µl sizes.

  • Screwcap Micro Test Tubes

    Screwcap Micro Test Tubes

    Screwcap micro test tubes with O-ring caps provide extra sample security; operating range from -55 to 150°C.

  • Titertube Micro Test Tubes

    Titertube Micro Test Tubes

    Titertube 1 ml micro test tubes allow efficient handling of large numbers of small samples in an 8 x 12 format.


Select 96-well, 384-well, or 48-well plates and microplates designed for a variety of applications and instruments: PCR, qPCR, ddPCR, EIA / ELISA, for sample quantitation, and other specialty applications.


Cuvettes and Reagent Reservoirs

Polystyrene cuvettes are ideal for spectrophotometric assays such as our Bio-Rad Protein Assays and other colorimetric assays. Disposable plastic reagent reservoirs are ideal for dispensing reagents with multichannel pipets.

  • Plastic Cuvettes

    Disposable Plastic Cuvettes

    Polystyrene cuvettes in standard (3.5 ml) and semimicrovolume (1.5 ml) sizes to fit most spectrophotometers. Smooth optical surface for consistent and accurate readings.

  • Reagent Reservoirs

    Reagent Reservoirs

    Presterilized, disposable 50 ml reagent reservoirs for dispensing reagent with multichannel pipets. Sloping well for efficient liquid pick-up down to the last drop.

Storage Boxes and Plastic Racks

  • Microtube Racks and Storage Boxes

    Storage Boxes and Plastic Racks

    Storage boxes and plastic racks for microtubes, PCR tubes and plates, and test tubes assist in preparation, organization, and storage of samples.