Temperature Control Devices

temperature control devices- benchtop shaking incubator


Temperature control devices are an integral component of any laboratory and are needed in almost any experimental workflow. Bio-Rad offers multiple devices to accommodate your temperature control needs.

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    Benchtop Shaking Incubator

    This benchtop shaking incubator has dual functions: incubation of shaking liquid cultures and stationary petri dishes. With its mid-sized 4 L capacity and small footprint it is perfect for any research lab.

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    Mini Incubation Oven

    The most economical and reliable incubator for the growth of bacterial cultures, this compact oven (0.5 cu. ft.) is thermostatically controlled over a wide temperature range.

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    Bio-Rad offers a general-use temperature-controlled water bath and a microprocessor-controlled dry heating bath with blocks for centrifuge and microcentrifuge tubes.