Protein Fractionation

kits and electrophoresis products


Kits and electrophoresis products are available to fractionate proteins based on their physical properties or cellular localization. Reducing sample complexity aids in the identification of low-abundance proteins.

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    Fractionation by Solubility

    Available kits use differential solubility for extraction. The sequential extraction kit isolates three different fractions of increasing solubility. The protein extraction kit uses one step with

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    Fractionation by Cellular Location

    Kits are available for the extraction of cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins, membrane proteins of various complexities, and proteins involved in intracellular membrane trafficking and signaling pathways.

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    Fractionation by Charge

    Available kits use ion-exchange mini columns for fractionation, and selectively enrich acidic or basic proteins. They can be used with a variety of starting samples.

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    Fractionation by pI

    The Rotofor family of products fractionates protein samples that are free in solution. They use a nondenaturing liquid-phase technique to rapidly separate and purify proteins based on their

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    Fractionation by Size

    The Model 491 prep cell and Mini prep cell use continuous elution electrophoresis to purify proteins and other macromolecules based on their relative mobility in polyacrylamide or agarose gels.