RNA Isolation

silica membrane-based kits


Bio-Rad provides two distinct technologies for isolating total RNA. Silica membrane-based kits, available in 96-well plate and spin-column formats, and PureZOL RNA reagent ideal for scaling up isolation protocols.

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    Aurum™ Total RNA Mini Kit
    Aurum™ Total RNA Mini Kit

    The Aurum total RNA mini kit produces high-quality DNA-free total RNA from a wide range of starting materials, including cultured cells, bacteria, and yeast, as well as animal and plant tissues.

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    Aurum™ Total RNA 96 Kit
    The Aurum total RNA 96 kit isolates high-quality DNA-free total RNA from cultured cells, bacteria, and yeast in a 96-well format for high-throughput total RNA isolation.
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    Aurum™ Vacuum Manifold
    The Aurum vacuum manifold serves as a vacuum purification platform for either 96-well plates or individual luer-ended spin columns, ensuring fast, high-quality sample preparation.
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    PureZOL™ RNA Isolation Reagent
    The ready-to-use PureZOL RNA isolation reagent is an efficient means of isolating RNA from a variety of sources, including cultured cell, animal and plant tissue, yeast, virus, and bacteria.