Protein Sample Preparation

enrichment kits-high-abundance proteins


Optimized kits and reagents for protein extraction, cleanup, fractionation, and enrichment for various downstream applications.

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    Protein Extraction

    Kits and mini grinders for extracting proteins from cell cultures and tissues. MicroRotofor™ Cell Lysis Kits are tailored for liquid-phase IEF sample fractionations using the MicroRotofor Cell.

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    Protein Sample Cleanup

    Kits designed for removal of salts, high-abundance proteins, and other contaminants are offered. They incorporate procedures such as affinity and size exclusion chromatography to improve

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    Protein Fractionation

    Kits and electrophoresis products are available to fractionate proteins based on their physical properties or cellular localization. Reducing sample complexity aids in the identification of

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    Protein Sample Depletion

    Available kits use affinity chromatography techniques to deplete high-abundance proteins. Enrichment kits use a bead-based library of combinatorial peptide ligands to reduce levels of high-abundance

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    Protein Interaction Analysis

    The ProteOn XPR36 protein interaction array system provides label-free, high-throughput, real-time data on the affinity, specificity, and interaction kinetics of protein interactions using SPR