DNA Isolation

bio-rads plasmid and pcr-ready genomic dna extraction products


DNA preparation is made fast and easy with Bio-Rad's plasmid and PCR-ready genomic DNA extraction products. A choice of solutions is available for a variety of starting sample types.

Category Products

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    Quantum Prep® Plasmid Kits
    The consistent high yields achieved with Quantum Prep plasmid kits are due to the high-affinity binding of DNA to the unique Quantum Prep DNA binding matrix.
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    Aurum™ Plasmid Mini Kit
    The easy-to-use Aurum plasmid mini kit improves the efficiency and throughput of plasmid purifications with a simple bind-wash-elute protocol using silica membranes.
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    InstaGene™ Matrix

    InstaGene matrix, made with a specially formulated 6% w/v Chelex resin, makes DNA sample preparation fast, easy, and cost-effective, providing PCR-quality template DNA in less than an hour.

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    Chelex 100 Molecular Biology Grade Resin

    Chelex 100 Resin is a styrene divinylbenzene copolymer containing paired iminodiacetate ions, which act as chelating groups in binding polyvalent metal ions. It can be used for fast and easy DNA and RNA preparations.