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Multiplex Mutation
Residual DNA Quantification
Residual DNA
Copy Number
Copy Number
IVD Kits
Library Quantification
Mycoplasma Detection
Mycoplasma Detection
HEK DNA Quantification
HEK DNA Quantification
HEK DNA Sizing
Gene Expression
Gene Expression
Cell and Gene Therapy
Cell and Gene Therapy
Expert Design
Expert Design
Genome Edit Detection
Genome Edit
Mutation Detection
Copy Number Determination
Copy Number

* Some ddPCR Assays are not available for sale in your region. Please contact your local representative for information about the ddPCR Assays available in your region.

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ddPCR Assays

  • Mutation Detection icon

    Mutation Detection

    For the detection of mutations with high sensitivity.

  • Copy Number Determiniation

    Copy Number Determination

    For the determination of small changes in Copy Number without the use of a standard curve.

  • Gene Expression

    Gene Expression

    For the quantification of gene expression with increased accuracy, sensitivity, reproducibility. 

  • Genome Edit Detection

    Genome Edit Detection

    For the detection of NHEJ and HDR editing events with superior precision and sensitivity. 

  • Gene & Cell Therapy

    Cell & Gene Therapy

    For a range of Cell and Gene Therapy applications including Viral Titer and Vector Copy Number measurements.

  • Expert Design

    Expert Design

    Designed by experts in Digital PCR for advanced applications.

  • Assay Design Service

    Assay Design Service

    Obtain assistance with Assay Design for your needs from Bio-Rad's ddPCR specialists.

  • custom


    Know the sequences of oligos for your assays? Order your sequences, formulated, ready-to-use for ddPCR. 


Featured ddPCR Assays

NEW PRODUCTddPCR Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Kit


The only kit designed to analyze both plasma and FFPE tissue, it provides highly sensitive and reproducible results across all relevant cancer samples without the need for normal tissue. Automated analysis and a streamlined workflow make this the premier MSI solution.

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ddPCR Kits


Vericheck ddPCR Contaminant Testing


ddPCR Certified Kit Provider Partnership Program

Partnering with Bio-Rad for ddPCR Test Kit Development

Bio-Rad partners with test kit providers to develop Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR) assays and diagnostic test kits. We help kit manufacturers to develop and commercialize IVD and registered ddPCR test kits using our Droplet Digital PCR platform. We can help you with assay design, in-licensing, co-development, and co-marketing opportunities.

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Tools & Resources

  • PrimePCR Lookup Tool

    PrimePCR Lookup Tool

    Use the PrimePCR lookup tool to find assays and arrays for your genes of interest. The PrimePCR Lookup Tool only finds a subset of available ddPCR Assays. Browse the Digital Assay Site for a more comprehensive search.

  • Multiple Assay Search

    Multiple Assay Search

    Use the bulk search tool to find multiple assays to purchase with a single query. The Multiple Assay Search only finds a subset of available ddPCR Assays. Browse the Digital Assay Site for a more comprehensive search.

  • Droplet Digital PCR Publications

    Droplet Digital PCR Publications

    Browse the growing list of cited peer-reviewed journal articles in Droplet Digital PCR research featuring Bio-Rad products.

  • Droplet Digital PCR Applications Guide

    Droplet Digital PCR Applications Guide

    Read in-depth information about setting up experiments for ddPCR applications.

  • What do you Gene Infographic Series

    What Do You Gene Infographic Series

    Explore this infographic series for bite-sized facts about genes and other biomarkers with implications for cancers, hereditary disorders, evolution, and more.

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  • ddPCR™ Supermixes

    ddPCR Supermixes

    For maximum PCR efficiency and sensitivity for the amplification and detection of DNA and RNA targets. 

  • QX Manager Software

    QX Manager Software

    System control and analysis software, with available tools for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

  • ddPCR Oils

    ddPCR Oils

    Oils required for conducting digital PCR experiments including Droplet Generation Oils and Droplet Reader Oil.

  • ddPCR Consumables

    ddPCR Consumables

    Consumables required for conducting ddPCR experiments.