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Partnering with Bio-Rad for ddPCR Test Kit Development

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Bio-Rad partners with test kit providers to develop Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR) assays and diagnostic test kits. We help kit manufacturers to develop and commercialize IVD and registered ddPCR test kits using our Droplet Digital PCR platform. We can help you with assay design, in-licensing, co-development, and co-marketing opportunities.

For Developers of IVD and Registered ddPCR Kits

The ddPCR Certified Kit Provider Partnership Program enables kit producers to partner with Bio-Rad scientists to develop and commercialize new ddPCR assay test kits for our Droplet Digital PCR platform, which impacts life science research and clinical applications with a decentralized solution.

We can help you develop, validate, register, document, and commercialize new ddPCR test kits, with flexible partnering solutions to best suit your molecular diagnostics kit development needs:

  • Simple licensing agreement
  • Supply agreement for universal components
  • Optional Support agreement for custom assay design or regulatory support services

We strive to empower our partners with multiple partnering paths, flexible models, and our expertise in assay development. Your company benefits by accelerating your time to revenue in offering your innovative tests to your customers.

Partnership Benefits

  • Simple, flexible, and customer focused process
  • Proven experience and deep expertise to help advance your clinical research with cutting-edge diagnostic tests — from design to validation, regulatory approval, and manufacturing
  • Co-marketing and promotion approaches with our partners to support your world-wide distribution and commercialization

Droplet Digital PCR Benefits

Digital PCR represents a third generation of PCR that enables absolute quantification of target sequences
  • Absolute quantification without standard curves
  • Unparalleled precision with high reproducibility
  • Superior sensitivity with high inhibitor tolerance
QxDx ddPCR System for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
  • Low-burden workflow; same-day turnaround
  • Cost-effective testing - multiplex targets in a single well
  • Global installed base of Droplet Digital PCR Systems
  • QXDx ddPCR System is FDA and CE-IVD cleared

Droplet Digital PCR Assay Options

Bio-Rad has developed a comprehensive library of digital PCR assays for translational research. Explore our current Digital PCR assays, or contact us to learn about custom design options to meet your needs.

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    Ready-to-Use ddPCR Assays

    Explore our portfolio of ddPCR assays, predesigned and validated or designed online for you in seconds.

Applications of ddPCR Assays in Molecular Oncology

The use of ddPCR assays to directly quantify rare molecules such as cell-free cDNA (cfDNA) in clinical samples within complex matrices has significantly advanced the abilities of researchers and clinicians for precision medicine in oncology and hematology.

Key applications include therapy monitoring in cell and gene therapy, minimal residual disease (MRD) monitoring, and liquid biopsy to quantify circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for cancer detection and monitoring.

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ddPCR Assay Development for Commercial Service Labs

Bio-Rad partners with commercial service labs to develop new ddPCR assays using Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR platform, which has a wide range of life science research and clinical applications, especially in the precision oncology space. Bio-Rad does not require a commercial use license to run ddPCR assays in a service lab.

For CLIA and Diagnostic Labs Offering ddPCR Assays as a Service

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Questions on Partnering with Bio-Rad for ddPCR Assay Development?

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We offer assistance in expanding your ddPCR assay menu with custom and off-the-shelf assays. We can help you with menu expansion, assay design with flexible partnering solutions to best suit your molecular assay development needs:

  • No license needed
  • Supply agreement for custom products
  • Optional Support agreement for custom assay design or regulatory support services

Droplet Digital PCR Systems and Assays


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