Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) Enhancer Reagent A #12013425



1 ml vial of ddPCR Enhancer Reagent A
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



The ddPCR Whole Cell DNA Workflow, comprised of ddPCR Enhancer Reagent A and standard ddPCR materials, enables researchers to accurately count modified cells that have their gene(s) of interest, edit(s) or knockout.

ddPCR Whole Cell DNA Assay Workflow

  • One

    Add cells* to 1x ddPCR reaction

    Cells added to ddPCR reaction

    * Add 1–60,000 cells. No cell preparation is required (cells in phosphate buffered saline with 1% bovine serum albumin).

  • Two

    Encapsulate whole cells in droplets

    Whole cell encapsulation in droplets with the QX200 Droplet Generator
  • Three

    Perform end-point PCR

    Perform end-point PCR with the C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler
  • Four

    Read and analyze results

    Analyze droplets with the QX200 Droplet Reader

Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefits
Single-cell DNA readout
  • Can measure modified cells with edits(s), knockouts
  • Can measure cells modified to remove receptor (allogeneic product)
  • Increased efficiency, reduce cost, time to results
  • Faster analysis, faster onboarding, technician operated
  • Enable to detect low transfection efficiency

Product Contents

  • 1 ml vial of ddPCR Enhancer Reagent A
  • Product insert card (10000128504)
  • Certificate of Analysis

Packaging Option

Catalog No. Number of 20 µl Reactions Size
12013425 1,000 1 vial

Additional Required Materials

The following additional reagents, equipment, and consumables are needed to perform the ddPCR Whole Cell DNA Assay:

Required Reagents

Catalog No. Description
12013425 ddPCR Enhancer Reagent A, 1000 reactions
12005910 ddPCR Multiplex Supermix, 1000 reactions
dHsaCP2500313 RPP30 FAM Copy Number Assay, 1000 reactions
dHsaCNS642774914 SOD1 HEX Copy Number Assay, 1000 reactions
NEB catalog #R0108S
or #R0527S
Restriction enzymes HaeIII or Brsl

Required Equipment and Consumables

Catalog No. Description
1864002 QX200 Droplet Generator
1864001 QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System
(includes QX200 Droplet Generator)
1814000 PX1 PCR Plate Sealer
1851197 C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler with 96–Deep Well Reaction Module
12001925 ddPCR 96-Well Plates, 25 plates
1863005 Droplet Generation Oil, 10 x 7 ml
1864007 DG8 Cartridges for QX200 Droplet Generator, 5 pkg of 24
1814040 PCR Plate Heat Seal, pierceable foil, 100 seals
1863004 ddPCR Droplet Reader Oil, 2 L

Supporting Documents

  • ddPCR Whole Cell DNA Workflow Protocol