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Image Lab Software, PC or Mac, for automated image capture, optimization, and 1-D data analysis, for use with GelDoc Go, ChemiDoc, and GS-900 Imaging Systems

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Use Image Lab Software on your desktop PC to open and analyze images, add notes, and export or print your files. Use with images from any Bio-Rad imaging system including the new GelDoc Go Gel Imaging System.

Features and Benefits

  • Single integrated and automated workflow
  • Includes detailed tutorials; obtain optimum gel and blot images with no previous imaging experience
  • Security Edition available for compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations

Product Contents

  • Single-user license of Image Lab Software for PC or Mac, on a USB thumb drive

Software & Instrument Compatibility

    Onboard Acquisition
    Desktop Analysis
    Acquisition & Analysis
Image Lab
Touch 3.0
Image Lab
Touch 2.4
Image Lab 6.1
Software for
Image Lab 6.1
Software for
Image Lab 6.1
Software Security
Edition for
ChemiDoc MP Imaging System        
ChemiDoc Imaging System        
GelDoc Go System
ChemiDoc XRS+ System    
GS-900 Densitometry System    
Gel Doc XR+ System
Gel Doc EZ System

*US FDA CFR Part 11
For researchers requiring a software package that helps enable US FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliance please consider purchasing Image Lab Software Security Edition. This software package and US FDA CFR 21 Part 11 adherence are compatible with all imaging systems except the ChemiDoc Touch System.

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