ChemiDoc Imaging Systems

Stain Free Enabled

ChemiDoc Imagers offer best-in-class performance with ease of use for visible light (RGB) and far red/near infrared (FR/NIR) fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection and all general gel documentation applications. Stain-free imaging enables immediate visualization of proteins without gel staining and instant verification of protein transfer to blots.


ChemiDoc System Comparison

ChemiDoc MP
ChemiDoc MP
ChemiDoc XRS+
ChemiDoc XRS+
High-end imaging system for the best fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection
  • Sensitive detection of RGB and FR/NIR secondary antibodies with low fluorescence background
  • Chemiluminescence sensitivity matching X-ray film
  • Easy-to-use software, perfect for multi-group use
  • Multiplex fluorescence detection
  • Installation/Operational Qualification kit available
Chemiluminescence sensitivity matching X-ray film
  • Easy-to-use software, perfect for multi-group use
  • Upgradable to ChemiDoc MP for multiplex fluorescence detection
  • Installation/Operational Qualification kit available
Reliable, easy to use and good chemiluminescence sensitivity
  • Perfect for medium to abundantly expressed proteins
  • Chemiluminescence detection only
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Western Blot Sensitivity Best Best Good
User Interface 12" graphical touch screen with Image Lab Touch Software 12" graphical touch screen with Image Lab Touch Software Keypad entry or computer control
with Image Lab Software
Multiplex Fluorescence Imaging Yes Upgradable No
Documentation Brochure User Guide Brochure User Guide Brochure User Guide

ChemiDoc Recommendations by Application

Choose the best imaging system for your lab based on your most important applications.

Blot Detection

Chemidoc System ChemiDoc MP ChemiDoc ChemiDoc XRS+
Multiplex Fluorescence Upgradable Not applicable
Chemiluminescence Best Best Good
SYPRO Ruby Protein Blot Stain* Not applicable
Colorimetric Blots
Stain-Free Blots**

Nucleic Acid Detection

Chemidoc System ChemiDoc MP ChemiDoc ChemiDoc XRS+
Ethidium Bromide
SYBR® Green I or SYBR® Safe Dye
Fast Blast™ DNA Stain

Protein Staining, 1-D Gels

Protein Staining, 2-D Gels

* Optimal with low fluorescence PVDF membrane
** Requires Bio-Rad's stain-free gels


Stain-Free Western Blotting

Stain-free western blotting allows you to quickly check electrophoresis and blot transfer quality and obtain truly quantitative western blotting results, updating traditional blotting techniques with innovative tools.

Faster Results. Better Data.

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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTChemiDoc MP Imaging System: Imagine No Compromises

The ChemiDoc MP Imaging System is an instrument for imaging and analyzing gels and western blots. It is designed to address multiplex fluorescent western blotting, chemiluminescence detection, general gel documentation applications, and stain-free technology imaging needs.

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Benefits of ChemiDoc Imaging Systems

Complete Capabilities: Superior Images

Total Protein Normalization


Learn how to properly design a quantitative western blotting experiment and faithfully compare protein expression levels, without concern for changing or overexpressed HKP’s.
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Replaces Film


Save money on consumables and reduce environmental waste without compromising on performance. Get the sensitivity of film and the convenience of digital documentation.
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Multiplex Fluorescence
3 Colors


Save sample, avoid the errors commonly associated with stripping, reprobing, and cutting blots and answer more complex biological questions by optimizing your experiments to fluorescence.
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Image Lab Software

The Chemidoc System features the intuitive Image Lab Touch Software onboard, with capabilities such as auto image capture, auto analysis, user preferences, and many other features, making gel imaging and analysis incredibly easy.

Image Lab Touch Software Demo

Explore how intuitive it is to acquire fluorescent and chemiluminescent gels and blots on the ChemiDoc systems. This easy-to-use software is perfect for multi-group use and comes installed on both the ChemiDoc and ChemiDoc MP.

Learn More about Image Lab Touch Software
  • Image Lab Software Introduction

    Learn the basics of Image Lab Software for ChemiDoc and Gel Doc Imaging Systems. Find out how to acquire, display, edit and analyze gel and blot images, and then display and export data. This step-by-step webinar is divided into chapters so that you can quickly find the information that you need.

  • Using Software for Total Protein Normalization on Western Blots

    Get an in-depth look at how to normalize your multiplex fluorescence western blots to total protein signal. This video covers manual adjustment of lanes and bands, correcting for blot background, and how to export data for publication or further analysis of your results.

  • Image Lab Touch Software Tutorials

    Image Lab Touch Software Resources

    Bio-Rad provides instructional videos for Image Lab Touch Software 2.4, covering the primary applications of the ChemiDoc MP Imaging System. Topics include, logging in, Smart Tray Technology, capturing your image, and exporting data.



Free 26-Lane Electrophoresis & Western Blotting Layout Post-It Pad

Plan, track, and never miss another step.

Introducing the Western Blot Learning Center

Perfect your western blotting. Learn from the experts.


Applications and Technologies

  • Introduction to Protein Electrophoresis

    Western Blotting Doctor

    Protocols, video tutorials, and selection guides are available to help you at every step of your electrophoresis experiments.

  • Horizontal Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

    Horizontal Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

    Learn about gel boxes, running buffers, agarose types, and other factors affecting resolution in DNA gel electrophoresis.

  • 2-D Electrophoresis, Imaging, and Analysis

    2-D Electrophoresis, Imaging, and Analysis

    2-DE is an essential step in protein characterization, purification and profiling, and posttranslational modification studies.

  • Stain-Free Imaging Technology

    Stain-Free Imaging Technology

    Visualize proteins on gels and blots without staining and destaining steps, and use total protein normalization for quantitative western blots.

  • In-Cell Western Assays

    In-Cell Western Assays

    In-Cell Western Assays are high throughput quantitative and qualitative immunofluorescence assays that utilizes Bio-Rad's ChemiDoc MP Imaging System and Image Lab Software.

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