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Courses designed to make you a western blotting expert.

Stain-Free technology is superior to conventional western blotting methods as it allows users to:

  • Visualize gels minutes after electrophoresis
  • Perform quality assessments at each step without the need for additional staining and destaining
  • Increase accuracy and produce reliable quantitative results via total protein normalization
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Western Blotting Transfer Systems

Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System

Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System

The Trans-Blot Turbo System enables fast, efficient, and reproducible transfer of proteins up to 400 kD. Preassembled Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer Packs are optimized for superior blot transfer.

  • Fast transfer, in as little as 3 min
  • Highest efficiency transfer
  • High throughput — 4 mini gels or 2 midi gels per run
  • Recommended for Stain-Free Western Blotting

Semi-Dry and Rapid Blotting Systems

Wet/Tank Blotting Systems

Microfiltration and Screening Systems

Western Blotting Membranes & Filter Paper

Immun-Blot® PVDF Membrane

Immun-Blot PVDF Membrane

This hydrophobic PVDF membrane is ideal for chemiluminescent and colorimetric western blots. High mechanical strength facilitates reprobing.

  • Retains target proteins very strongly
  • Reduces nonspecific protein binding
  • Ensures high signal with low background

Western Blotting Buffers & Reagents

EveryBlot Blocking Buffer

EveryBlot Blocking Buffer

  • Complete blocking in 5 minutes
  • Low background and high signal on fluorescent and chemiluminescent blots
  • Compatible with phosphorylated protein detection

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FEATUREDFluorescent Western Blotting

Bio-Rad's fluorescent western blotting workflow is a seamless integration of products designed to work together to offer guaranteed results. This validated set of solutions will make it easy for you to get better data every time.

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  • Stain-Free Western Blot Imaging

    See the fast, convenient, and transparent V3 Western Workflow process, how Image Lab Software performs data normalization using total protein loading controls, and how stain-free imaging yields reliable western blot results.

  • Can We Trust Western Blots?

    In this presentation, Aldrin Gomes, Associate Professor of Neurobiology at UC Davis, talks about key success factors to instill trust in western blotting data.

  • Western Blot Learning Center

    The Western Blot Learning Center is a complete reference on all of the steps of western blotting, includes practical theory, protocols, and recommendations on how to make your blots better from experts. 


Application Guides

  • Western Blot Dr. Troubleshooting Guide

    Western Blot Doctor Troubleshooting Guide

    Our self-help troubleshooting guide covers solutions to many common and not-so-common western blotting issues and helps your blots look their best.

  • Protein Blotting Guide

    Protein Blotting Guide
    (PDF 7.9 MB)

    Details on blotting technology, available products, and methods, plus tips, techniques, and troubleshooting.

  • Electrophoresis Guide

    Electrophoresis Guide
    (PDF 6.4 MB)

    A guide to polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and protein detection, including theory, product selection, protocols, and more.

Better Western Blotting Guide

Tips, Techniques, and Technologies from the Western Blotting Experts at Bio-Rad Laboratories

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Applications & Technologies

  • Western Blotting Techniques

    Western Blotting Techniques

    Learn more about western blotting techniques. Find step-by-step protocols and helpful tips on equipment, membranes, transfer conditions, and detection methods.

  • Protein Separation and Analysis

    Protein Separation and Analysis

    Bio-Rad's V3 Western Workflow facilitates speed and validation at each step of a western blotting experiment — from running gels to quantifying proteins.

  • Protein Electrophoresis

    Protein Electrophoresis

    Find protocols, video tutorials, and selection guides to help you at every step of your electrophoresis experiments.

  • Imaging and Analysis

    Imaging and Analysis

    Find information on protein visualization and quantitation methods, gel and blot imaging instrumentation, and image analysis software.

Related Products

  • Chemidoc Imaging Systems

    ChemiDoc Imaging Systems

    ChemiDoc Imagers offer best-in-class performance with ease of use for fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection and all general gel documentation applications.

  • GelDoc Go Imaging System

    GelDoc Go Imaging System

    Automated gel imaging and documentation for research laboratories and cGMP manufacturing environments.

  • GS-900 Calibrated Densitometer

    GS-900 Calibrated Densitometer

    Industry-friendly gel documentation system that calibrates itself before every run

    (Note: This system is not enabled for stain-free detection)

  • Protein Ladders and Standards (Markers)

    Protein Ladders and Standards (Markers)

    Prestained and unstained molecular weight standards for protein electrophoresis applications including SDS-PAGE, western blotting, 2-D PAGE, and isoelectric focusing (IEF).

  • Protein Gels

    Protein Gels

    Find the right Bio-Rad protein gel for your application. Choose SDS-PAGE and native PAGE gels, convert to TGX Precast Gels, or choose specialized gel chemistries.

  • Electrophoresis Chambers

    Electrophoresis Chambers

    Our electrophoresis chambers enable rapid, high-resolution protein separation on precast or handcast gels over a variety of different gel sizes.

  • Protein Electrophoresis Buffers and Reagents

    Protein Electrophoresis Buffers and Reagents

    Loading buffers for protein or nucleic acid samples, detergents, ampholytes, and gel-casting buffers.

  • SureBeads Protein G Magnetic Beads

    SureBeads Protein G Magnetic Beads enable fast, easy, consistent immunoprecipitation without centrifugation.

  • PrecisionAb Validated Western Blotting Antibodies

    PrecisionAb Validated Western Blotting Antibodies

    These premium antibodies are lab-validated using strict testing criteria to ensure superior performance in western blotting detection.