Protein Stains

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Staining products range from commonly used Coomassie stains to highly sensitive fluorescent stains. Also available are silver stains and reversible negative stains to visualize protein bands.

Category Products

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    Coomassie Stains
    Coomassie blue dyes are a family of dyes commonly used to stain proteins in SDS-PAGE gels. Bio-Rad offers Coomassie stains in three major formats.
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    Silver Stains and Kits
    Silver staining is a highly sensitive method for detecting proteins and nucleic acids in polyacrylamide gels.Bio-Rad offers three types of silver stain kits, each having unique features.
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    Fluorescent Protein Stains

    Fluorescent staining, when combined with an appropriate imager, is a superior approach for protein analysis compared to Coomassie and silver staining. Bio-Rad offers two types of fluorescent stains.

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    Negative Stain Solutions
    Bio-Rad negative stains are based on selective precipitation of metal ions in gels, leaving protein bands unstained and unmodified. Bio-Rad offers two types of negative stains for polyacrylamide gel.
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    Total Protein Blot Stains

    Detection of all proteins on western blots provides a visual image of the electrophoretic pattern, which helps identify specific antigens in a complex protein mixture.

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    High-Throughput Dodeca™ Gel Stainers
    Dodeca gel stainers enable high-throughput staining of electrophoresis gels. The small unit holds up to 24 Criterion gels, and the large Dodeca Stainer accommodates up to 12 large format gels.