iQ-Check Purification Reagent #12012383



Pkg of 1, vial of Purification Reagent (to make 25 ml), for 96 tests

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the iQ-Check Purification Reagent to remove inhibitory substances from food and environmental samples.

PCR is a powerful method for the rapid detection and characterization of microorganisms in routine testing, yet its performance may be affected by inhibiting substances present in certain food matrices. The iQ-Check Purification Treatment provides a simple and effective approach for sample purification and can be streamlined into many routine food testing applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves efficiency of the iQ-Check PCR Method by removing inhibition from challenging matrices
  • Easy integration with iQ-Check DNA Extraction Workflow and can be added directly to DNA extract
  • Retain the sensitivity of the method

Product Contents

One vial containing 2.5 g of powder with 1 magnetic stir bar.

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