Fraser 1/2 Broth, ready to use #3555794


Pkg of 4, bags of medium, enough for 4 x 3 L
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use Fraser 1/2 Broth (Demi-Fraser Broth) as a selective enrichment medium the growth of Listeria, including Listeria monocytogenes, in products intended for human and animal consumption. This broth can be used as a primary enrichment step for the identification and enumeration using RAPID'L.mono, RAPID'Listeria spp., or AL (Agar Listeria according to Ottaviani and Agosti) Agar Plates.

Packaging Options

Fraser 1/2 Broth is also available as 6 x 225 ml bottles (3555797) and 2 x 5 L (3555792)

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