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NEW PRODUCTIntroducing the PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler

The PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler represents the new line of conventional thermal cyclers, engineered to maintain thermal performance and deliver accurate results. Take your PCR to the next level with modern instrument control.

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PCR Systems

Digital PCR

Digital PCR

Bio-Rad's unique Droplet Digital PCR technology provides absolute quantification of nucleic acids for a wide range of applications including cancer mutation studies, HIV quantification, and environmental monitoring.

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  • qPCR Detection Systems

    qPCR Detection Systems

    These systems deliver sensitive, reliable detection of both singleplex and multiplex real-time PCR reactions.

  • qPCR Analysis Software

    qPCR Analysis Software

    CFX Maestro Software is designed to streamline data collection, visualization, and analysis. Precision Melt Analysis software enables high resolution melt for SNP Genotyping and detection of small indels.

  • Traditional PCR Systems


    Traditional PCR Systems

    DNA amplification instruments range from personal thermal cyclers to the flexible 1000-series.

  • Traditional PCR Systems

    Firmware & Software Updates

    Software and firmware for Bio-Rad thermal cyclers and real-time PCR systems are periodically updated. Download updates and instructions here.

  • Ready to take your gene expression research to the next level?

    Discover how Bio-Rad's cutting-edge quantitative PCR (qPCR) and digital PCR (dPCR) solutions can help you unlock greater accuracy and reproducibility.

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  • PCR & qPCR Reagents

    A wide range of reagents for reverse transcription, PCR, and real-time PCR, optimized to generate accurate and reproducible data.

  • PCR Plastics Consumables PCR Plastic Consumables

    PCR Plastic Consumables

    A large selection of thin-wall PCR tubes, plates, seals, and accessories precisely manufactured for optimal fit and cycling performance in Bio-Rad thermal cyclers, real-time PCR systems, ddPCR systems, and all major competitor systems.


Selector Tools

Use our selectors to find the best reagents, plates, tubes, seals, and accessories for your PCR and qPCR experiments.

PX1 PCR Plate Sealer

PX1 Plate Sealer

Efficiently seals microplates for PCR amplification to deliver reliable data by minimizing sample evaporation during thermal cycling.

SEQuoia Express Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit

A cost-effective 3-hour, 3-tube RNA library prep kit for constructing robust libraries that efficiently capture long RNA transcripts.

Next-Generation Sequencing

To assist researchers in answering the most complex biological questions, Bio-Rad offers a number of novel products for NGS library preparation using cutting-edge technologies, such as whole transcriptome and single-cell sequencing solutions.

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Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis & Blotting

Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis & Blotting

Bio-Rad's selection of electrophoresis and blotting instruments for nucleic acids includes submerged horizontal and vertical cells in various sizes, PFGE systems, and solutions for sequencing and mutation detection.

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Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation

  • RNA Isolation

    A wide range of kits and reagents for the isolation of highly pure RNA from different starting materials.

  • DNA Isolation

    DNA Isolation

    Various kits for the extraction of plasmid and PCR-ready genomic DNA from a variety of starting materials.

  • DNA Cleanup

    DNA Cleanup

    A variety of solutions for purifying DNA from various reaction mixtures or extracting DNA fragments from agarose gels.


Applications & Technologies

Service & Support

  • CFX Qualification Plate

    CFX Qualification Plate

    Use the predispensed CFX Qualification Plate to quickly and easily verify the performance of your CFX Real-Time PCR Detection System.

  • Contact an Expert

    Contact an Expert

    Consult with a specialist about how Bio-Rad can help you with your genomics research.