PrimePCR™ PCR Primers, Assays, and Arrays

Real-time PCR primer assays consist of unlabeled PCR primer pairs for use with dye-based chemistry such as SYBR Green or EvaGreen. Probe assays for real-time PCR and Droplet Digital PCR include PCR primers and a dual-labeled fluorescent probe with your choice of fluorophore.

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        Droplet Digital™ PCR Assays

        Pricing for PrimePCR Droplet Digital PCR assays is based on assay type and the number of reactions.

        Discount applies to bulk orders of the same catalog number and is taken off the list price.

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        PrimePCR Assay Selection Guide


        Real-Time PCR Assays

        Droplet Digital PCR Assays

        Organisms Human, mouse, rat, yeast, rhesus monkey, arabidopsis, dog, chicken, zebrafish, cow, pig, rabbit Human, mouse, rat
        Assay Chemistry Dye-based and probe assays
        Applications Gene expression
        Copy number variation
        Mutation detection
        Gene expression
        Formats Individual assays
        96- and 384-well predesigned plates*
        96- and 384-well custom plates*
        Individual assays

        * Probe assays are not available in plates

        PCR Primer and Probe Assays for Real-Time PCR

        Our real-time PCR primers were designed in collaboration with leading experts in real-time PCR research. Every PCR primer pair has been experimentally validated to ensure optimal assay performance. For more information on the validation of the DNA primer pairs, see Bulletin 6262, PrimePCR Assay Validation.

        Our fluorescently labeled oligonucleotide probes were designed to enable multiplexing. These 5' nuclease probes were designed for maximum specificity and transcript coverage. qPCR probe assays are available with a FAM, HEX, TEX615, Cy5, or Cy5.5 fluorophore.

        Real-time PCR assays are available in the following formats:

        • Predesigned primer and probe assays — gene expression assays for the human and mouse genomes
        • Custom oligonucleotides — design your own PCR primer or probe assay
        • Customizable 96- and 384-well platesuse the custom plate configurator to conveniently design a PCR plate
        • Predesigned PCR Arrays — select from a wide variety of disease- and pathway-specific arrays
        • PreAmp assays — 1,000-fold unbiased target-specific preamplification of limited nucleic acid

        Controls and Reference Assays are available to facilitate assay normalization and control:

        • Experimental Controls — for evaluating reverse transcription performance, RNA quality, genomic DNA contamination, and PCR reaction performance
        • Reference Gene Assays — for relative gene expression analysis to normalize for variation in the amount of input messenger RNA (mRNA) between samples
        • DNA templates — serve as a positive real-time PCR control for the corresponding gene assay

        All real-time PCR assays and arrays can be used with CFX real-time PCR detection systems and data analysis software, streamlining PCR data collection and analysis.

        Probe Assays for Droplet Digital PCR

        Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) technology provides an absolute measure of target DNA molecules with unrivaled accuracy, precision, and sensitivity, accelerating discovery and enabling new research strategies for inherited disorders, cancer, and infectious disease. Probe assays for the QX200™ Droplet Digital PCR system enable the fine quantitative discrimination required to resolve small fold changes without a standard curve. ddPCR probe assays are available with a FAM or HEX fluorophore.

        For more information, see Bulletin 6512.

        ddPCR assays are available in the following formats:

        • Predesigned mutation detection probe assays — for human samples
        • Predesigned copy number variation (CNV) probe assays — for human samples
        • Custom oligonucleotides — design your own ddPCR probe assay

        PrimePCR assays, plates, and controls have a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months when stored at 4°C.

        PrimePCR™ Analysis Software

        PrimePCR™ Analysis Software

        Our custom data analysis software enables gene expression analysis of PrimePCR data generated on any real-time PCR instrument. Analysis options include bar chart, clustergram, scatter plot, volcano plot, and heat map analysis.

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        PrimePCR™ Analysis Software
        Data analysis software that enables gene expression analysis of PrimePCR data generated on any real-time PCR instrument. Analysis options include bar chart, clustergram, scatter plot, volcano plot, or heat map analysis.



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