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Bio-Rad offers a complete line of high-quality electrophoresis power supplies for the most demanding electrophoretic techniques. From basic to high-voltage capacity, Bio-Rad power supplies provide simple programming in a compact, stackable case.

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  • powerpac-universal-power-supply-thumb-power-supplies.jpg
    PowerPac Universal Power Supply
    The PowerPac Universal power supply fits the broadest range of applications of all electrophoresis power supplies on the market, from mini vertical and high-throughput electrophoresis to blotting.
  • powerpac-hc-high-current-power-supply-thumb-power-supplies.jpg
    PowerPac™ HC High-Current Power Supply
    The PowerPac HC power supply is recommended for high-current applications. With an output of 250 V, 3.0 A, and 300 W, this electrophoresis power supply is perfect for western blotting with Bio-Rad blotting cells.
  • powerpac-basic-power-supply-thumb-power-supplies.jpg
    PowerPac™ Basic Power Supply
    This electrophoresis power supply is recommended for basic applications such as submerged horizontal and mini vertical gel electrophoresis. It offers timer control and constant-voltage or constant-current output.
  • powerpac-hv-high-voltage-power-supply-thumb-power-supplies.jpg
    PowerPac HV High-Voltage Power Supply
    The PowerPac HV electrophoresis power supply supports an output of 5,000 V, 500 mA, and 400 W. Suitable for all high-voltage applications, it is ideal for IEF and DNA sequencing.