Fluorescent Western Blotting

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Bio-Rad's fluorescent western blotting workflow is a seamless integration of products designed to work together to offer guaranteed results. This validated set of solutions will make it easy for you to get better data every time.

ChemiDoc MP Imaging System: Imagine No Compromises

With the ChemiDoc MP System, the superior quantitation of digital meets the sensitivity of film and delivers the best fluorescence performance with the brightest new fluorophore.

Move Beyond Traditional Imaging

Traditional laser scanning systems and X-ray film are a thing of the past. Get higher multiplexing capabilities without sacrificing the performance you expect from a best-in-class imaging system.

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More Flexibility in Dye Selection

Flexibility in Dye Selection

10 Tips for Western Blot Detection of Phosphorylation Events

ChemiDoc Imaging Systems

Complete Capabilities: Superior Images

Better Options

With the ChemiDoc MP, one imaging system covers all of your gel documentation, chemiluminescence, and multiplex fluorescence needs.

Total Protein Normalization


Learn how to properly design a quantitative western blotting experiment and faithfully compare protein expression levels, without concern for changing or overexpressed HKP’s.
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Replaces Film


Save money on consumables and reduce environmental waste without compromising on performance. Get the sensitivity of film and the convenience of digital documentation.
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Multiplex Fluorescence
3 Colors


Save sample, avoid the errors commonly associated with stripping, reprobing, and cutting blots and answer more complex biological questions by optimizing your experiments to fluorescence.
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Better Data

See up to three signals at once or look at a subset of signals. Plus, you can normalize beyond a single protein with stain-free total protein normalization.

Phospho-p44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2) — StarBright B700, Total p44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2) — DyLight 800, GAPDH — hFAB Rhodamine

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The stain-free channel is used in addition to the three other channels, but cannot be used at the same time. Learn more about stain-free here.


Better Experience

Image Lab Touch Software

Image Lab Touch Software works with the ChemiDoc MP Imaging System and provides easy and intuitive onboard acquisition software. Built for labs with multiple users, Image Lab Touch Software teaches as you tap and explore, selects optimal light source, and permits both manual entry and automated calculation of exposure times.

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Intuitive Imaging at Your Fingertips

Get instructions showing how to capture images on the ChemiDoc MP System via Image Lab Touch Software
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Exposure settings

Stain-Free Western Blotting

Stain-free western blotting allows you to quickly check electrophoresis and blot transfer quality and obtain truly quantitative western blotting results, updating traditional blotting techniques with innovative tools.

Faster Results. Better Data.

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Antibodies for Fluorescent Western Blotting

Primary Antibodies

  • New Phospho-Specific PrecisionAb Antibodies

    • Highly specific antibodies to detect phosphorylation events
    • Validated by comparing phosphorylation levels in both treated versus untreated cell lysates and by dephosphorylating western blot membranes
    • Showcased against total protein antibodies
  • PrecisionAb Antibodies

    PrecisionAb Antibodies

    • Highly specific and sensitive
    • Validated for western blotting applications
    • Each antibody is screened against up to 12 whole-cell lysates expressing endogenous protein levels
  • hFAB Rhodamine Housekeeping Protein Fluorescent Primary Antibodies

    • One-step, directly conjugated, fluorescence detection solution for detecting commonly used HKP's (actin, tubulin, and GAPDH)
    • Eliminates cross-reactivity with primary and secondary antibodies from other species
    • HuCAL® technology allows you to choose any appropriate host species for your other antibodies

Secondary Antibodies

Free 26-Lane Electrophoresis & Western Blotting Layout Post-It Pad

Plan, track, and never miss another step.

Blotting Membrane

Immun-Blot PVDF Membrane

Immun-Blot Low Fluorescence PVDF Membrane

  • Minimal autofluorescence allows long exposure times and maximizes the sensitivity of digital imaging systems
  • High protein retention and broad dynamic range enables more accurate quantitation
  • Compatible with most multiplex fluorescent blotting protocols
Interactive Selection Guide for Protein Standards

Pick the Best Standards for Your Blots!

Just click on the light source in our interactive guide and see how banding pattern changes with light source. This interactive guide helps you pick the best protein standard for your gels and blots. 

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Benefits of Fluorescent Western Blotting

Learn more about the benefits of Fluorescent Western Blotting by checking out our video and document resources.

Light Up Your Lab

Get a free excitation/emission reference poster to make it easier to select the right fluorophore for your next experiment.
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  • imagine no compromises

    ChemiDocMP Brochure
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    Explore the features and benefits of the new high-end imaging system for the best fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection.

  • chemidoc imaging systems

    Summary of Features and Benefits
    (PDF 242 KB)

    See a summary of the features and benefits of the new ChemiDoc MP high-end imaging system.

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