In Vivo CAR T-Cell Bioanalysis

CAR T-Cell Bioanalysis and Efficacy

CAR T-Cell Bioanalysis

In vivo CAR T-cell assessment is essential to determining product safety and efficacy. Bio-Rad supports the study of CAR T cells with customized, high-quality solutions that drive safe and effective preclinical and clinical study research.

Perform biodistribution, persistence, and efficacy research using custom antibodies, flow cytometry, and Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) Systems.

Bioanalysis with Flow Cytometry and ddPCR

Monitor Dose Response and Biodistribution of CAR T Cells

Custom Antibodies

Custom Antibodies

High-quality antibody reagents are vital for accurate detection, quantification and tracking of the CAR in preclinical models and clinical studies. Bio-Rad custom antibody services can generate the specific antibodies you need for cellular kinetics, T cell enrichment, and immunophenotyping. We use in vitro antibody phage display and SpyTag technology to produce recombinant antibodies in multiple formats in less than 3 months for testing in different applications.

We are experts at generating anti-idiotypic antibodies, the highly-specialized reagent needed to determine the percentage of transfected T cells prior to therapy administration, and to differentiate CAR T cells from other cells in patient samples using flow cytometry.

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Biodistribution and Quantification Testing Using ddPCR

Biodistribution Testing Using ddPCR

Biodistribution analysis tracks therapeutics as they move throughout the body and is a fundamental component of anticipating the safety and efficacy of these treatments. This includes sensitive monitoring of the distribution and persistence of viral vectors used to deliver the CAR transgene.

Bio-Rad offers ddPCR for added sensitivity and reproducibility to meet FDA biodistribution assay requirements to quantify the presence of genetic material from the expressed CAR transgene.​

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CAR-T Flow Cytometry Solutions

Bioanalysis Using Flow Cytometry​

In the development of CAR T-cell therapies, bioanalytical assays are needed to monitor whether the transfer of the genetically modified cells persist and expand as necessary to provide adequate treatment. Monitoring of these cells is done using multi-parameter flow cytometry that can detect and differentiate modified from unmodified T cells.

Our ZE5 Cell Analyzer is a high-performance, automation-ready flow cytometer with the ideal combination of high-throughput screening and high-parameter cell analysis capabilities. Use the ZE5 Cell Analyzer in preclinical trials to measure specificity and transduction efficiency of CAR T cells.​

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