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A collection of six columns for the development of a non-affinity-based purification workflow for monoclonal antibodies.



The EconoFit mAb Purification Pack is a collection of six columns with different chromatography supports, which can be used in different steps of a non-affinity-based workflow to purify monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

Protein A affinity chromatography is commonly used for capture purification of antibodies which yields high purity in a single step; however, this technique may not always be the best option for a given antibody. Harsh elution conditions (acidic pH) are required to dissociate antibodies bound to protein A, requiring immediate neutralization of the eluate to limit the negative impact on antibody activity/integrity. Some antibodies may not tolerate such harsh elution conditions. In addition, Protein A does not efficiently capture certain IgG subclasses, bispecific monoclonal antibodies, or fusion constructs. A non-affinity-based workflow such as the one shown below maybe more suitable for your application.

If Protein A affinity chromatography is a better choice for you, consider our UNOsphere SUPrA, Affi-Prep Protein A or Affi-Gel Protein A Resins and Prepacked Columns (see related products).

Econofit mAb Purification Workflow

The EconoFit mAb Purification Pack Consists of the Following Columns:

Packed Support (1 ml) Catalog Number
Nuvia S 12009291
Nuvia Q 12009290
Nuvia HR-S 12009284
CHT XT 12009261
Nuvia aPrime 4A 12009280
Nuvia cPrime 12009281


Nuvia S Resin

This ultrahigh-capacity, strong cation exchange (CEX) resin provides the robustness needed for initial non-affinity-based capture of mAbs. It possesses excellent dynamic binding characteristics over a broad range of pH and conductivity, with low backpressure at high flow rates. High flow rates offer the additional advantage of minimizing antibody exposure to proteases and nucleases present in the sample/lysate. Its wide conductivity window ensures consistent capture of mAbs, despite the substantial amounts of NaCl required in mammalian expression cultures and prevents the need for preconditioning or inline dilution before loading samples onto the column.

Nuvia Q Resin

This is an ultrahigh capacity, strong anion exchange resin (AEX) for intermediate and polishing steps that can be used in both non-affinity and affinity based mAb purification workflows. It exhibits excellent dynamic binding capacity over a broad range of pH and flow rates. This AEX resin is ideal for mAbs that have an acidic isoelectric point and that do not bind to AEX resins, thus allowing contaminants to be captured on the column and unbound mAbs to be isolated from the flowthrough.

Nuvia HR-S Resin

This high-resolution, strong CEX resin can be utilized for both intermediate as well as final polishing purification steps in different workflows. It is ideal for the separation of closely related biomolecules and high molecular weight impurities like mAb aggregates, increasing monomer recovery.

Nuvia aPrime 4A Resin

This is a hydrophobic AEX mixed-mode resin that can function across a wide range of salt concentrations and pH, making it suitable for easy integration into mAb purification workflows. It provides consistent binding capacity at fast flow rates. It is effective for the purification of salt- and pH-sensitive mAbs. Samples can be loaded onto the column with minimal or no conditioning, saving time. Nuvia aPrime 4A Resin offers excellent clearance of aggregates while also providing optimal recovery of monomers.

Nuvia cPrime Resin

This resin combines hydrophobic and CEX interactions to provide highly robust recovery at high flow rates. It is a salt-tolerant resin and can be used effectively for salt- and pH-sensitive mAbs without the need for extensive sample conditioning. Specifically, the resin can be used for purification of mAbs that lack an affinity handle where it works well in clearing aggregates from mAb preparations.

CHT XT Media

CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite is ideal for mAb purifications at both intermediate and polish stages (Figure 1). Its unparalleled selectivity enables resolution of mixtures presenting as homogenous by other media. CHT XT is mixed-mode support that interacts with biomolecules through positively charged calcium binding sites for affinity binding and/or negatively charged phosphate groups for the CEX interaction. CHT XT is highly effective at aggregate removal and an exceptional tool for polishing step during mAb purifications.

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Nuvia and CHT XT supports are also available in other prepacked and/or bulk media formats enabling scale-up from laboratory- to process-scale purifications.





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