NGC Medium-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Systems

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NGC Chromatography Systems are available in preconfigured or custom-configuration options to meet a range of throughput and application needs for laboratory-scale chromatography. Valves and accessories can be easily added to expand biomolecule purification capabilities at the research, process-development, and laboratory-scale levels.

Medium-Pressure NGC Instruments

The 10 ml and 100 ml NGC Chromatography Systems offer multiple system configurations, optional upgrades, automated multidimensional (Multi-D) chromatography workflow setup, and a common software platform for lab-scale separations. NGC Chromatography Systems are suitable for preparative protein chromatography and purification scale-up.

Medium Pressure NGC Instruments
  • NGC 10 Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

    The preconfigured NGC 10 Chromatography Systems meet a range of throughput and application needs. Each system can be easily upgraded. All configurations share a common software platform.

  • NGC 100 Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

    Optimized for purifications at the milligram to gram scale, these preconfigured 100 ml NGC Chromatography Systems are designed to meet a range of throughput and application needs.

ChromLab Software

ChromLab Software

ChromLab Software enables powerful system control that includes intuitive, user-friendly method development, automated method development, and analysis options.

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Why Choose NGC Chromatography Systems?

Platform Tour: NGC Chromatography — Your Journey to Successful Purification

Customer Testimonials

  • Using 15 NGC Chromatography Systems for Small Batch Production

    Scientists at Evitria have maximized their workflow and production efficiency by using up to fifteen NGC Chromatography System from Bio-Rad.

  • Investigating Protein Translation with the NGC Chromatography System

    Prof. Christoper Fraser and the scientists in his laboratory at the Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Davis utilized Bio-Rad's NGC Liquid Chromatography System to overcome specific purification difficulties with their proteins while beta-testing the equipment.

  • NGC Chromatography Testimonial Czech Republic Academy of Sciences

    Dr. Petr Novák describes how easy it is to train students and post-docs at the Molecular Structure Laboratory in Prague to use the NGC Chromatography System for protein purification for their protein structure studies.

Automated Protein Purification: Multi-D Chromatography

Are you experiencing chromatography issues such as a lack of automation, low productivity or throughput, and an inability to reproduce results? Bio-Rad’s multidimensional (Multi-D) chromatography method addresses these situations providing faster, more efficient, and more reliable protein purification.

Multi-D chromatography is a feature of the NGC Systems that automates multistep purifications using complementary strategies to isolate your product of interest at high yields and purity levels run after run.

Compared to traditional sequential chromatography workflows, which require running single columns sequentially, Multi-D sets up an automated workflow and consolidates day-long methods to hour-long protocols without requiring the intervention of users, allowing them to save valuable time.

Resources for Converting to Automated Multi-D Chromatography

  • Automated Multi-Column Protein Purification with the NGC System

    This whiteboard animation video provides a brief introduction to Bio-Rad’s automated multi-column purification options (Multi-D purification) on Bio-Rad's NGC Preparative Chromatography System.

  • The Advantages of Multidimensional (Multi-D) Chromatography

    This webinar provides an overview of the advantages of automating purifications, optimizing methods, and creating multidimensional chromatography method templates.

Fraction Collector

The NGC Fraction Collector paired with the NGC Chromatography System is capable of producing purified biomolecules for discovery and small batch production on one hardware and software platform.

NGC Fraction Collector Brochure (PDF 899 KB)

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Webinars and Podcasts

WebinarAutomate Your Antibody Purification Workflow at Preparative and Analytical Scale

In this webinar, you will learn how to automate your protein purification workflow by following the creation of a hypothetical monoclonal antibody (mAb). Dr. Schaefer and Dr. Winship expertly demonstrate how the NGC Chromatography System and the AEX-500 series Autosampler work together to maximize screening capability as well as rapidly achieve therapeutic development objectives.


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    Chromatography Columns

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  • Chromatography Resins

    Chromatography Resins

    Bio-Rad offers a selection of resins for separation by ion exchange, hydroxyapatite and fluoroapatite, affinity, size exclusion (gel filtration), and hydrophobic interaction chromatography.

  • BioLogic Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography Systems

    BioLogic Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography Systems

    The BioLogic LP System offers reliable performance, versatility, and ease of use. The system incorporates easy-to-use LP Data View Software, high-flow pumps, sensitive detectors, and fraction collectors.

  • BioLogic DuoFlow Medium Pressure Chromatography System

    BioLogic DuoFlow Medium Pressure Chromatography System

    BioLogic DuoFlow liquid chromatography instruments offer multiple system configurations, optional upgrades, and a common software platform. Suitable for analytical and preparative scale protein purification.

Stain-Free Technology

Stain Free Technology

Stain-Free enabled imaging systems, when used with Bio-Rad's Stain-Free gels, allow immediate visualization of proteins without the time, mess, and cost associated with traditional gel staining and destaining.

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