Nuvia™ Ion Exchange Resins

Nuvia HP-Q Resin
  • Recover more target biomolecule
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve process economics


Nuvia Ion Exchange Resins are a family of best-in-class ion exchangers designed to provide high binding capacities and/or exceptional resolution depending on chemistry and particle size chosen by the process developer. Their exceptional purification performance and high productivity makes these resins ideal for biosimilar and biotherapeutic downstream processes.

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    Nuvia HP-Q Resin

    Nuvia HP-Q Anion Exchange Resin is a high-capacity ion exchange resin that can be used for downstream purification of large molecules such as high molecular weight (HMW) plasma proteins IgA and IgM, viruses, VLPs, and PEGylated proteins.

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    Nuvia HR-S Resin

    Nuvia HR-S Resin is a small-particle-size, high-resolution cation exchange resin designed for intermediate and final polishing purification steps where the separation of closely related biomolecules is challenging.

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    Nuvia S Resin

    Nuvia S is an ultra-high capacity, next-generation cation exchange resin built on the industry-proven UNOsphere™ base matrix technology. Nuvia S resin may be used in both the capture and polishing of biotherapeutics.

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    Nuvia Q Resin

    Nuvia Q is an ultra-high binding capacity anion exchange resin with wide pH and flow rate working ranges ideal for process development. It is the next-generation ion exchange resin of choice for biosimilars, delivering high-concentrated product.

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    Nuvia cPrime Media
    Nuvia cPrime is a mixed-mode ion exchange media designed for versatile capture and high recovery across a wide range of salt concentrations and pH in process-scale applications for biosimilar and biotherapeutic purification.