Preamplification Supermix

Preamplification Supermix


Ready-to-use SsoAdvanced™ Preamp Supermix is optimized for unbiased, target-specific preamplification of cDNA or gDNA using up to 100 PrimePCR™ PreAmp qPCR, custom-designed, and TaqMan assays.
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SsoAdvanced™ PreAmp Supermix is a 2x concentrated, ready-to-use reaction master mix optimized for unbiased, target-specific preamplification of cDNA and genomic DNA. This PreAmp Supermix preamplifies DNA templates using up to 100 PrimePCR™ PreAmp SYBR® Green or probe-based qPCR assays, custom-designed SYBR® Green and probe-based assays (5’ nuclease), and TaqMan Assays.

  • Limited template DNA — start with as little as 100 pg of cDNA or genomic DNA from any precious or limited sample such as stem cells, laser capture microdissections, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues (FFPE)
  • Versatile usability and applications — perform real-time or end-point PCR (SNP genotyping) on up to 100 SYBR® Green or probe-based targets with a simple, streamlined workflow
  • Compatible with various assaysPrimePCR™ PreAmp Assays, custom-designed assays, and TaqMan Assays

Preamplification of Targets without Bias Is Key

To obtain valid real-time PCR and end-point PCR data from limited samples, preamplification is often required. Some methods have been shown to introduce bias across the transcriptome/genome when comparing preamplified and nonpreamplified samples. The SsoAdvanced PreAmp Supermix is the first supermix that truly provides unbiased preamplification reactions regardless of the targets present in the reaction master mix, enabling more data to be obtained from a limited source.

Competitor Product Comparison

Product ΔΔCq* Chemistry Reactions Price**
SsoAdvanced PreAmp Supermix 90% within ± 0.75 SYBR® Green and probes 50 x 50 µl Least expensive
TaqMan PreAmp Master Mix 90% within ± 1.5 Probes only 40 x 50 µl Most expensive
PerfeCTa PreAmp 5x Supermix 90% within ± 1.5 SYBR® Green and probes 40 x 50 µl More expensive

* Relative quantification between nonamplified and preamplified cDNA.
** As of May 2014.

Simple Workflow

Setting up a preamplification takes only a few minutes. Simply combine the pooled assays, SsoAdvanced PreAmp Supermix, and template in a microcentrifuge tube, and start the PCR reaction. In less than 2 hours, an unbiased 1,000-fold amplification of starting template is complete and ready for downstream analyses.

Simple Workflow for SsoAdvanced PreAmp Supermix

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Product expiration (after shipping date)
12 months
Storage at 4°C (after thawing)
Up to 3 months
Customer guarantee (minimum usage time) at –20°C
12 months




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1.25 ml (1 x 1.25 ml), 2x PreAmp Mix contains dNTPs, Sso7d fusion polymerase, salts, enhancers, stabilizers, and other proprietary components, for 50 x 50 µl reactions



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