SsoAdvanced™ PreAmp Supermix, 50 x 50 µl rxns, 1.25 ml #1725160



1.25 ml (1 x 1.25 ml), 2x PreAmp Mix contains dNTPs, Sso7d fusion polymerase, salts, enhancers, stabilizers, and other proprietary components, for 50 x 50 µl reactions

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the SsoAdvanced PreAmp Supermix to achieve the unbiased preamplification of up to 100 qPCR target sequences in a single reaction.

  • Start with as little as 100 pg of cDNA — amplify precious samples like stem cells, laser capture microdissection (LCM), and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues (FFPE)
  • Compatible with PrimePCR™ PreAmp Assays, custom-designed assays, and TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
  • For gene expression and genotyping applications — validated with PrimePCR™ PreAmp Assays, self-designed assays, and TaqMan Assays

Product Comparison

Product ΔΔCq* Chemistry Reactions Price**
SsoAdvanced PreAmp Supermix 90% within ± 0.75 SYBR® Green and probes 50 x 50 µl Least expensive
TaqMan PreAmp Master Mix 90% within ± 1.5 Probes only 40 x 50 µl Most expensive
PerfeCTa PreAmp 5x Supermix 90% within ± 1.5 SYBR® Green and probes 40 x 50 µl More expensive


* Relative quantification between nonamplified and preamplified cDNA.
** As of May 2014.


Simple Workflow

Setting up a preamplification takes only a few minutes. Simply combine the pooled assays, SsoAdvanced PreAmp Supermix, and template in a microcentrifuge tube, and start the PCR reaction. In less than 2 hours, an unbiased 1,000-fold amplification of starting template is complete and ready for downstream analyses.

Simple Workflow for SsoAdvanced PreAmp Supermix

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Protocol for Single Cell Gene Expression Profiling by Multiplex RT-qPCR

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