Protein Electrophoresis Lab Equipment Sets

Build up your biotech laboratory step-by-step with research-quality DNA (horizontal) electrophoresis lab sets, and add modules as your program grows. Engineered for easy and intuitive use for educators and students alike, Bio-Rad equipment is durable, reliable, and backed by Bio-Rad’s award-winning technical support. Paired with Bio-Rad Explorer Kits, these packages provide extraordinary learning experiences.

Package Comparison

  Starter Lab Set 17004213EDU
Starter Lab Set
upgraded starter lab set (17004209edu)
Upgraded Starter Lab Set
Expanded Lab Set 17004215EDU
Expanded Lab Set
Upgraded Expanded Lab Set 17004207EDU
Upgraded Expanded Lab Set
Mini-Sub Cell GT System Workstations 2 2 8 8
PowerPac Basic Power Supply 1 1 2 2
Fast DNA Gel Protocol Compatibility
Classroom Digital
Micropipets (2–20 μl) 
Micropipets (20–200 μl)
Micropipets (100–1,000 μl)



Professional Digital
Micropipets (2–20 μl) 
Micropipets (20–200 μl)
Micropipets (100–1,000 μl)


Digital Dry Bath 1 1
Tube Racks 10 (2 sets of 5) 10 (2 sets of 5)
Group of instruments

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How-To Videos

  • Casting an Agarose Gel

    This video demonstrates how to cast an agarose gel. The proper method for sealing the gel tray with tape is shown along with pouring the molten agarose and storing the gel for later use.

  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

    This video demonstrates how to load and run DNA samples on an agarose gel. Basic information about the charge of DNA and how it will run in an horizontal electrophoresis cell is explained.

  • Using a Micropipet

    This video demonstrates how to use an adjustable volume micropipet. The parts of the micropipet are explained along with how to set the volume, select and apply the pipet tip, and transfer liquids.

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