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Bio-Rad offers research-grade lab equipment and lab supplies to support life science laboratory instruction. Select classroom lab equipment for basic and advanced techniques.

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  • lse_chromatography_sub_pro_tn.jpg

    Chromatography is ideal for teaching the principles of protein and nucleic acid purification. Instruments and media are available in convenient formats to perform the most common chromatographic

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    Electrophoresis and Blotting

    A wide choice of electrophoresis and blotting systems is provided for protein and nucleic acid applications. Teach the most common and essential electrophoretic techniques using state-of-the-art

  • General Lab Equipment
    General Lab Equipment

    Research-quality, general-use laboratory equipment (micropipets, centrifuges, ovens, water baths, and vortexers) supports all of Bio-Rad's Biotechnology Explorer™ kits and most molecular biology lab

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    Gene Transfer/Transfection
    Introducing DNA and RNA into cells is a powerful tool for evaluating gene expression. Bio-Rad's products offer choices for transfection to bacterial, plant, fungal, and animal cells.
  • Imaging

    High-resolution gel imaging systems or simple handheld UV lights are indispensable tools for visualizing, analyzing, and archiving gel electrophoresis results.

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    Lab Packages

    Complete equipment sets are available to run all of Bio-Rad Explorer kits. Engineered for easy and intuitive use for educators and students alike, Bio-Rad equipment is durable, reliable, safe, and perfectly adapted to science education using our lab kits.

  •  PCR and Real-Time PCR
    PCR and Real-Time PCR

    Several PCR machines and real-time PCR systems are offered to meet your classroom teaching goals. All thermal cyclers feature a graphical interface that will provide students with a real research experience.

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    A wide selection of high-quality plastic consumables designed for research applications is now available for science education.

  • lse_quantitation_sub_pro_tn.jpg

    A benchtop spectrophotometer is used for quantitation of proteins and nucleic acids in solution, or to monitor cell culture growth. Disposable cuvettes are available for UV and visible applications.

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    Refresh Kit Components
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    Reduce packaging waste, refresh your kits, and reuse components while saving storage space by purchasing individual items. Bio-Rad now has many individual components for Biotechnology Explorer™ kits available for purchase.