PowerPac Basic Power Supply #1645050EDU



Power supply for basic applications such as submerged horizontal gel electrophoresis, includes power cord



DNA gels

Run your DNA gels in 10 minutes!

Find Out How

Use the PowerPac Basic power supply for applications including submerged horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis. The power supply is fully programmable for either constant current or voltage, and either timed or untimed.

Features and Benefits

  • Runs four gel rigs simultaneously
  • Timer controlled
  • Fully programmable
  • Compact and stackable

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Run 10-minute agarose gel electrophoresis

Your students can run DNA agarose gel electrophoresis in just ten minutes using the PowerPac Basic power supply.

  1. Use an agarose gel made with 1x TAE buffer.
  2. Use 0.25x TAE buffer as the running buffer.
  3. Set your PowerPac Basic power supply to 300 V.
  4. See sufficient DNA fragment separation in just 10 minutes.

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