DNA Extraction and Electrophoresis Kits


A complete line of inquiry-based DNA science kits and curricula designed to help teachers introduce students to the exciting world of molecular biology. These educational DNA analysis kits utilize hands-on techniques to explore DNA structure and function, cell structure, restriction digestion, and agarose gel electrophoresis.

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  • genes-in-a-bottle-kit-thumb-dna-analysis-kits-and-agarose-gel-electrophoresis-kits.jpg
    Genes in a Bottle Kit
    In this activity, your students employ the same real-world laboratory procedure used to extract DNA from many different organisms for a variety of biotechnology research applications. This DNA kit allows students to extract genomic DN
  • BE_PreCut_DNA_KitBox_pdtn.jpg
    Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA Kit

    This activity aids teachers in providing in-depth explanations of how restriction enzymes cut DNA and how electrophoresis can be used to separate and visualize
    DNA fragments.

  • dna-restriction-digestion-and-analysis-kit-thumb-dna-analysis-kits-and-agarose-gel-electrophoresis-kits.jpg
    Restriction Digestion and Analysis of Lambda DNA Kit

    This DNA analysis kit demonstrates the procedures and principles of DNA restriction digestion. Digestion of phage lambda DNA is followed by agarose gel electrophoresis. Students get hands-on experience with gel casting, sample loading

  • forensic-dna-fingerprinting-kit-thumb-dna-analysis-kits-and-agarose-gel-electrophoresis-kits.jpg
    Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Kit

    Using real DNA as evidence, your students play the role of crime scene investigator to figure out for themselves,
    "Who done it?" This DNA kit for education illustrates the principles behind testing methods used by practicing for

  • stem-electrophoresis-kit-thumb-dna-analysis-kits-and-agarose-gel-electrophoresis-kits.jpg
    STEM Electrophoresis Kit
    Build a horizontal gel electrophoresis chamber and integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to showcase how these disciplines are combined to develop tools to solve problems.
  • idea-kit-inquiry-dye-electrophoresis-activity-thumb-dna-analysis-kits-and-agarose-gel-electrophoresis-kits.jpg
    IDEA Kit — Inquiry Dye Electrophoresis Activity
    Introduce the skills required for agarose gel electrophoresis through an exercise with real-world relevance to the foods you eat. This kit uses food dyes to illustrate how visible molecules move through a molecular sieve.
  • dna-model-assembly-kit-thumb.jpg
    DNA Model
    Build a biologically accurate DNA model by easily attaching the foam nucleotide bases, assembling the DNA strands, and then twisting them into the familiar double helix.