Life Science Research Chromatography Products

Liquid Chromatography Columns

Chromatography Columns

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Prepacked and Empty Liquid Chromatography Columns from Lab- to Process-Scale Purification Workflows

Choose from a wide selection of prepacked or empty columns for separations and applications at laboratory scale through bioproduction.


Chromatography Systems

Chromatography Systems and Components

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Customize Your Protein Purification Workflow. Maximize Production Efficiency

Customize Your Protein Purification Workflow. Maximize Production Efficiency

Bio-Rad offers a complete line of flexible and upgradable chromatography instruments, fraction collectors, and accessories to optimize and automated protein purification workflows.

ChromLab Software

ChromLab Software enables robust system control, including intuitive, user-friendly method development, automated method development, and analysis options. Control your NGC Instrument and analyze runs using ChromLab Software, also available in User Management and Security Edition.

Featured System

NGC Medium-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Systems

Flexible and customizable medium-pressure NGC Chromatography System provides sophisticated capabilities, such as multi-wavelength detection, pH monitoring, column scouting, and buffer blending options. ChromLab Software and fraction collectors work seamlessly to empower your protein purification workflows.