Chromatography Resins

Explore a complete line of chromatography resins and media with various base bead and ligand chemistries for your lab-scale and bioproduction purification needs. Resins are available for capture, separation, polishing and analysis of wide range of biomolecules, and streamline process development from drug discovery through clinical trials and bioproduction.

Chromatography Resins

  • Affinity Resins

    Affinity Resins (AF)

    Purify affinity-tagged proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and other biomolecules with a range of affinity resins including immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC), Protein A, and activated resins.

  • Ion Exchange Resins (IEX)

    Ion Exchange Resins (IEX)

    Purify charged and polar molecules with anion and cation exchange chromatography (AEX, CEX) resins available in various particle sizes, ionic forms, and binding capacities.

  • Mixed Mode Resins

    Mixed-Mode Resins (MM)

    Experience unparalleled selectivity, resolution, yield and ease-of-use for a variety of biomolecules with the unique separation properties of our multimodal chromatography resins.

  • Size Exclusion Resins (SEC)

    Size Exclusion / Gel Filtration Resins (SEC)

    Explore a wide selection of size exclusion (or gel filtration) chromatography resins for diverse applications, including those requiring use of organic eluents.

  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Resins (HIC)

    Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Resins (HIC)

    Separate biomolecules that have weak or strong hydrophobic regions from contaminants with resins of various strengths.

  • Resin Screening Tools​

    Resin Screening Tools

    From high-throughput resin screening to small-scale method development and scale-up optimization, find chromatography resins in prepacked formats for the entire purification development cycle.

Chromatography Resources

  • Bioprocessing Resources

    Bioprocess Chromatography Resources

    Find purification resources, resin packing calculators, webinars and events to support your bioprocessing success from process development to commercialization.

  • Proteomics & Protein Purification Learning Center

    Proteomics & Protein Purification Learning Center

    Find workflows, protocols, FAQs, videos, and product demonstrations, and a wealth of technical information on the theory and principles behind important and cutting-edge life science technologies.

  • Webinars


    Learn from experts in your field of interest whether you are continually learning about a particular topic or just scratching the surface. View a vast suite of detailed and informative webinars that will help you with your science.