Mixed-Mode Media

Featured Product Nuvia aPrime 4A Media

  • CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT Media
    • New hydrophobic anion exchange resin
    • Delivers high purity and yield
    • Straightforward method development


Bio-Rad's mixed-mode chromatography resins offer unique separation properties and unparalleled selectivity and resolution for a variety of molecules. Multimodal chromatography combines the properties of cation exchange media and metal affinity media, often enabling the separation of biomolecules that appear homogeneous using other chromatographic methods. These mixed-mode media can be used at any stage in a purification process from initial capture to final polishing.

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    Nuvia aPrime 4a media
    Nuvia aPrime 4A Media

    Nuvia aPrime 4A is a hydrophobic AEX resin engineered with distinctly balanced modes to optimize biomolecule interactions. It offers a wide design space and straightforward method development delivering both high purity and yield.

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    Nuvia cPrime Media
    Nuvia cPrime Media

    Nuvia cPrime mixed-mode media is designed for versatile capture and high recovery across a wide range of salt concentrations and pH in process-scale purification processes for biotherapeutic applications.

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    MPC Ceramic Hydroxyfluoroapatite Resin

    MPC Ceramic Hydroxyfluoroapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)1.5(F)0.5) is a mixed-mode chromatography resin, a composite of hydroxyapatite and fluoroapatite, with unique separation properties and unmatched selectivity and resolution in the purification of biomolecules.