Chromatography Columns

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Bio-Rad offers a wide assortment of empty or prepacked columns and resins for analytical and preparative chromatography applications using any chromatography system.


EconoFit Chromatography Columns

Prepacked, disposable, low-pressure columns

  • Increased run-to-run uniformity
  • High protein purity through improved column design and expanded resin selection
  • Compatible with most commonly used chromatography systems
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Prepacked Chromatography Columns by Resin Type

       Low & Medium Pressure      Gravity & Spin
Ion Exchange
Mixed Mode  
Size Exclusion/Desalting

Chromatography Columns by Pressure

  • Aminex HPLC Columns

    Aminex HPLC Columns

    Industry standard analytical prepacked columns for the analysis of carbohydrates, organic acids and bases, and other small organic molecules.

  • Medium-Pressure Columns

    Medium-Pressure Columns

    Prepacked or empty columns are available for use with medium-pressure chromatography systems such as the NGC and BioLogic DuoFlow Systems.

  • Low-Pressure Columns and Cartridges

    Low-Pressure Columns

    Prepacked or empty columns are for use with chromatography systems such as the NGC and a range of other systems.

  • Gravity and Spin Columns

    Gravity and Spin Columns

    Empty or prepacked columns are available for convenient sample preparation and other small-scale applications.

Empty Chromatography Columns

Econo Alpha Empty Glass Chromatography Columns & Accessories

New, robust, easy-to-pack empty columns that are compatible with commonly used chromatography systems.

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Column Selection Guide

Column Application Pressure Range Volume Range Best Used with
Econo Alpha General purpose glass column 0–900 psi 0.7–230.7 ml High-performance system
Bio-Scale MT High-resolution column 0–1,000 psi 1–22 ml High-performance system
Econo-Column General purpose glass column 0–15 psi 1–1,374 ml Low pressure or gravity
Econo-Pac General purpose plastic column 0–15 psi 1–20 ml Low pressure or gravity
Poly-Prep Disposable plastic column 0–15 psi 2 ml Gravity
Bio-Spin Disposable plastic column 1.2 ml Swinging bucket centrifuge
Mini-Bio-Spin Disposable plastic column 1.2 ml Standard micro-centrifuge
Micro Bio-Spin Disposable plastic column 0.8 ml Standard micro-centrifuge

Related Products

  • NGC Chromatography Systems

    The family of NGC Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems fit your throughput requirements when purifying biomolecules for analytical- and preparative-scale applications.

  • Chromatography Resins

    Bio-Rad offers a selection of resins for separation by ion exchange, hydroxyapatite and fluoroapatite, affinity, size exclusion (gel filtration), and hydrophobic interaction chromatography.