Low-Pressure Chromatography Columns

Explore our extensive selection of prepacked low-pressure columns suitable for a wide range of applications from routine protein purifications to workflow development and resin screening/scouting. Prepacked columns provide you convenience and reproducibility, and our extensive offering of empty glass chromatography columns and accessories allow you to pack the resin of your choice. Compatible with common chromatography systems such as the NGC.

Category Products

  • chromatography columns

    EconoFit Prepacked Chromatography Columns

    Benefit from a wide range of Bio-Rad chromatography resins prepacked in a convenient, low-pressure column format. Use for resin screening/scouting and method development, or routine purifications.

  • glass econo columns

    Econo-Column Empty Glass Columns

    Econo-Column Chromatography Columns are the standard for high-quality, affordable low-pressure chromatography columns. Columns ranging from 5 to 170 cm in length and 0.5 to 5.0 cm in diameter are available.

  • columns prepacked

    Foresight Prepacked Chromatography Columns

    Foresight columns are prepacked with a range of Bio-Rad process chromatography resins. They have a robust design that provides convenience and reliability for process scientists and may be used for resin screening experiments and/or small-scale method development.

  • Econo Alpha Empty Glass Columns

    Econo Alpha Empty Glass Columns

    Pack your resin of choice in our empty chromatography columns. Compatible with NGC and other chromatography systems. Choose multiple sizes and accessories.

  • bio scale mini bio-gel

    Bio-Scale Mini Prepacked Desalting Cartridges

    Bio-Scale Mini Desalting Cartridges are filled with Bio-Gel P-6 Resin for desalting or buffer exchange applications. Available in 10 ml or 50 ml sizes.


Connecting a Flow Adaptor to a Glass Econo-Column

Watch a demonstration of how to connect a flow adaptor to an Econo-Column which offers several advantages such as: minimizing the dilution of your sample when you apply it to your resin, and minimizing the effects of the expansion that occurs when you change the pH or salt concentration of your elution buffer


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    Accelerate your purification development for proteins (and other molecules) with our extensive selection of chromatography resins and media.

  • filter plates prepacked

    Foresight Prepacked Chromatography Filter Plates

    Foresight filter plates are prepacked with a range of Bio-Rad process chromatography resins, offering process scientists convenience and reliability for their high-throughput experimentation needs.

  • chromatography systems

    NGC Liquid Chromatography Systems

    Discover our range of medium-pressure chromatography systems, fraction collectors, cables, and components for protein and biomolecule purification.

  • robocolumn units

    Foresight Chromatography RoboColumn Units

    Foresight RoboColumn units are prepacked chromatography microcolumns used for rapid process development. They may be used for parallel media screening experiments and/or small-scale method development.

  • enrich high resolution ion exchange columns

    Medium-Pressure Chromatography Columns

    Browse our prepacked and empty medium-pressure columns including for rapid and high-resolution separation of proteins and biomolecules by ion exchange or size exclusion chromatography.

  • chromatography standards

    Chromatography Standards

    Standards are available for ion exchange and size exclusion (gel filtration) chromatography, as well as for analysis of organic acids and carbohydrates.

  • Gravity and Spin Chromatography Columns

    Gravity and Spin Chromatography Columns

    These empty and prepacked columns provide convenience for sample preparation and other small-scale applications.