Affinity Resins


Ready-to-use or activated affinity resins and protein A media are available for affinity purification of affinity-tagged proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and other biomolecules.

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    Nuvia™ IMAC Metal Affinity Resin
     Nuvia IMAC (immobilized metal affinity chromatography) Resin provides an ultra-high capacity matrix over a wide range of flow rates and pH for process scale chromatography. Get reproducible separation of biomolecules free of contaminants.
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    Protein A Resins

    Bio-Rad offers several protein A media for different mAb purification needs. UNOsphere SUPrA™ Resin is designed for process-scale purification workflows. Affi-Gel® and Affi-Prep® Protein A Resins yield highly purified IgG.

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    Profinity IMAC Resins
    Profinity IMAC resin is an affinity chromatography support for the purification of recombinant histidine (His)-tagged proteins.
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    Activated Affinity Media
    Activated media for spontaneous ligand immobilization allow for the creation of an affinity matrix of choice by coupling a ligand, such as an antibody, enzyme, or antigen.
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    Ready-to-Use Affinity Media
    Base matrices are available with ligands already coupled for convenience. Each ligand has unique specificity and can be used to capture specific molecules.