Lipid Transfection

general use and rnai-optimized transfection reagents


Lipid transfection reagents provide optimal transfection efficiencies for nucleic acid delivery into mammalian cells. General use and RNAi-optimized transfection reagents are available.

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    Transfectin lipid reagent
    TransFectin™ Lipid Reagent

    TransFectin reagent is a cationic lipid reagent that delivers the highest efficiencies and expression levels over a broad range of cell lines, including some difficult-to-transfect and primary cells.

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    siLentFect™ Lipid Reagent for RNAi

    siLentFect lipid reagent is a mixture of a proprietary cationic compound and a co-lipid. The blend has been optimized for the delivery of siRNAs into cultured mammalian cells in the presence of serum.