AP Biology

Examine evolutionary relationships, biotechnology, biological systems and processes, and much more with our hands-on labs. Kits are designed to approach the level of inquiry teachers are comfortable implementing in their classes — from guided to open inquiry labs for AP Biology. When students are engaged, they are more motivated and participate in higher critical thinking skills.

Powerful Capstone Activity

Finish the Course with Real CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing

Cap off your AP Biology course by challenging students to apply all they’ve learned in a cutting-edge activity where they edit the genome of E. coli!

Out of the Blue CRISPR and Genotyping Extension Kits

Classroom Supplies

Enhance Learning with Supplies Used in Real Research Labs

Give your AP Biology students a real lab experience with tools and supplies used in college and research labs around the world. Do this with Bio-Rad Explorer's commitment to life science education with a 20–40% off discount off all to educators.

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    Enrich your lessons with engaging and informative videos that can help students prepare for labs or help them dive deeper into topics that interest them.

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    Browse our selection of presentations, case studies, and activities that can be used alone or to enrich your lessons.

TestimonialIt's important that my students ask questions, gather data, and make connections. Bio-Rad's inquiry-based labs make that possible and are the most memorable and engaging lessons for my students

Erin Gordon
Science Teacher
Vacaville High School, Vacaville, California