Bacterial Transformation & Gene Regulation

How do the external and internal factors impact gene expression? Delve into this question with Bio-Rad Explorer's exclusive pGLO plasmid and watch the bacteria glow...or not! Students first transform the bacteria with the pGLO plasmid and explore gene regulation.

  pGLO Transformation and Inquiry Kit for AP Biology
pGLO Transformation and Inquiry Kit for AP Biology
pGLO Bacterial Transformation Kit
pGLO Bacterial Transformation Kit
Developed with master AP teachers, the pGLO Transformation and Inquiry Kit for AP Biology explores bacterial transformation and gene regulation starting with a structured inquiry activity. Then you or your students choose and design a series of four additional inquiry investigations testing transformation efficiency, effect of ampicillin, effect of arabinose, and satellite colonies.
DNA ⇒ RNA ⇒ Protein ⇒ Trait — Green Fluorescence Explore the connection from DNA to an organism’s phenotype by genetically engineering non pathogenic E. coli to fluoresce green under UV light! Examine the important roles of external and internal factors in gene regulation.
Ideal For Teachers who have the time to do multiple inquiry experiments to explore transformation and gene regulation in more depth Teachers who have limited time or new who want a robust transformation experiment
AP Alignment
Pedagogical Support
Class Sessions The flexible curriculum will fit with a broad range of available laboratory times Two 45 minute classes
Inquiry Type Structured, guided, open Structured
Learning Focus Quantitative data collection and experimental design Developing scientific explanations of observed phenomena

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